Spreading the Fa at an Orphanage in Kiev (Moscow Fa-conference 2003)

I want to share my experience about how Falun Dafa practitioners from Kiev spread the Fa at an orphanage.

Some practitioners in Kiev are always working with children in youth groups, combining activities that interest the children with studying the Fa and learning the exercises. Recently we decided to teach orphans about Dafa.
We decided at first to do a concert at the orphanage in order to introduce ourselves, and then to begin to introduce the children to the things that can enrich them spiritually. When everything was already set up with the orphanage’s administration, and a specific day was reserved for the concert, we got an unexpected phone call telling us that this event would have to be postponed since the orphanage was getting a new administration. From first glance, everything seemed to be coincidental, but I remember thinking that nothing happens by accident, and that maybe someone is trying to show us that we are doing something wrong. After exchanging opinions on the situation with other practitioners that were supposed to participate in the concert, I understood what our mistake was. It was that from the very beginning we did not have a unified understanding of what we were planning to do or why we were doing all of this. Maybe in the beginning, the idea expressed by the practitioner who planned to do this work, didn’t contain within itself a specific intention to use the results of our current endeavor to clarify the truth to the Ministry of Education (Who at the time had a misunderstanding about Dafa) and to uphold the principles we believe in with actions. However, some people understood this exactly in this way and each person, in their heart agreed with this but didn’t speak out about it, thinking that this is strictly their personal understanding, which they need to change. After talking we came to a consensus that we must go to the orphanage with only one righteous, pure thought—to bring the Fa to these children in order to give them a chance for salvation, to awaken their kind side. This is the best thing that can be done for them. As soon as we changed this wrong understanding, it was resolved immediately in a benevolent way. The new director of the orphanage had a very friendly and understanding attitude toward us and invited us to hold a concert at the facility.

Most of the people who participated in the concert, were at an orphanage for the first time. They were expecting to see children that have been corrupted by the streets. We understood that it wouldn’t be easy to get the attention of these children, and so we depended solely on the power of Dafa. Before the concert we sent forth righteous thoughts, cleaning out our own impure thoughts and outside interference. After the concert began, we saw the wide-eyed children, full of interest and curiosity. All our worries and tension was gone and everything continued according to plan.

After the concert our practitioners came up with a question and answer game for the children. The children were asked to name all the things they can think of when they hear the words “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance”. It was very touching to see how the children were thinking about these simple, pure truths, about which, due to the unfavorable circumstances, they had very few opportunities to think about. They surprised us with their deep understanding, and even taught us some things. We understood that we were able to reach their kind side and this inspired us for further interaction with them.

Our next meeting with the children was devoted to drawing, and getting acquainted with ancient Chinese culture and the paintings of Jiang Cuying. A student of the Academy of the Arts showed the children the basic techniques and rules of drawing, which aroused great interest in the children. Afterward, the children were learning the exercises. Next, the orphanage’s counselor asked us to come up with a list of activities that we plan to do with the children so that they may include it in their itinerary.

Because this orphanage is also an adoption and foster care agency, the children who come there never stay for longer than 3 months. Because there are constantly new children coming, we will always have the opportunity to save their young hearts and minds. It’s possible that what they hear from us will benefit them in the future. We plan to hold similar events at other orphanages as well.

Maybe this account will prove helpful to other practitioners. If anyone has done such work or is planning to do it, we will be happy to share further details and also tell them about the different types of programs we’ve developed for the children.

In conclusion I would like to say that even taking such an insignificant event, although everything that deals with Dafa and is done with righteous thoughts can’t be called unimportant, but even with this example we can learn a lot and extract a lesson for our cultivation. Our respectable Teacher says that in any situation that is aimed at spreading the Fa and validating the Law of the Universe, one should not have any type of intention or attachment in mind when it comes to the end result of your work. This is Dafa work that is done to help save sentient beings. This is what all of us must do, us being practitioners in the Fa rectification period. In everything that we do, we must always have a unified understanding, like the particles of One Body.

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