Small Miracles During the Russian 800 Km "SOS Urgent Rescue Appeal Bike Tour"

September 28, 2001 Friday

Russian practitioners took part in an "SOS urgent appeal to rescue Falun Dafa practitioners persecuted in China " bike tour across Russia. Their journey took them through Kolpino, Novgorod, Valdai Hills, Vyshniy-Volocheck and Kalinin. In every place that they passed through, the practitioners would go to the heart of the city and do group practice, demonstrate the exercises, show a picture exhibition, distribute truth clarifying materials, talk to people about Falun Dafa and all that has happened in China regarding Falun Gong.

The television station and other media of almost every city were all filled with great interest to interview the practitioners. The truth has already walked into many households.

During the "SOS Urgent Rescue Appeal Bike Tour" journey, many small miracles occurred:

For example: When we left the city of Vyshniy-Volochek, our bike had some problems. It would take a long time to repair and that would disrupt the schedule of the whole journey. At this point in time, unexpectedly, a person suddenly rode a bike (at this place between cities, very few people ride bikes to tour around) and came to our side. He introduced himself as a bike repair expert from the bike club in a nearby city. He speedily solved our problem free of charge and the "SOS bike team" continued with the journey.

After each surprise, we realized that actually everything had been arranged and what mattered was only our hearts. All that happened was not coincidental. We keenly feel the Great Compassion which gave us chances, guided us along, cleared obstacles for us and painstakingly arranged opportunities for us to improve and to be tested.

In another city, we "happened to" make it in time for the local festival. The city was very crowded. Making use of this valuable chance, we used our bikes to carry out a mobile "Falun Gong in China" picture exhibition. In the process, we also demonstrated the exercises, distributed truth clarifying materials and books.

Our movements attracted immense attention from the media and residents. It can be said that the people came and went in hordes, and came to inquire about everything with great interest. In the end, the materials that we brought in 3 cars were all used up halfway along the journey. There were even many residents who followed us for a long, long way, hoping to get a copy of the Falun Dafa books from us.

We felt the sincere yearning of people towards Falun Dafa and realised more deeply the meaningfulness of participating in this bike tour. They really knew about Falun Dafa and the truth, and obtained the chance of being saved in the future.

Written by Russian practitioner during the "SOS Urgent Rescue Appeal Bike Tour"

Translated on October 31, 2001 from

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