Swedish MP asked the Foreign Minister what Measures he will Take to Ensure that the Chinese Consulate respects Sweden’s Basic Laws

Swedish MP Cecilia Nilsson Wigström asked the acting Foreign Minister Jan O. Karlsson about the observance of Sweden’s basic laws by foreign embassies and consulates.

Not long ago, the Falun Gong Association were challenged by the Chinese consulate in Gothenburg. The Falun Gong Association consequently reported this to the police, because they thought that the Chinese consulate did something beyond its authority. Falun Gong practitioners broadcast a programme at a local radio station weekly, but Chinese consulate staff contacted the Chief of the radio station and the Vice-Chairperson of the Physical Education and the Association of Management Departments, attempting to stop the programme from being broadcast and to discontinue financial support for local radio stations. Foreign diplomats, of course, are able to actively participate in our social activities, but they must respect Sweden’s basic laws.

What measures would the Minister be prepared to take in order to ensure that the Chinese consulate respects our basic laws, which guarantees freedom of speech?

Originally in Swedish at http://www.riksdagen.se/debatt/fragor/fraga.asp?rm=0304&nr=16

Translated from Chinese at http://www.yuanming.net/articles/200309/24685.html

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