SOS Demonstration in The Hague, Holland

In front of the Royal Peace Palace in The Hague, about 100 Falun Gong-practitioners assembled to give a peaceful demonstration against the human rights violations against Falun Gong practitioners in China. Special attention was given to the case of Zhao Ming. An Irish student who was arrested during his holidays in his homeland China, simply for practicing Falun Gong. He endured inhuman torture and is still detained.

The event was supported by a group of about 80 practitioners from Taiwan, who are traveling around Europe to raise attention for the persecution in China. Besides the Taiwanese practitioners, German, French, Irish, British and of course Dutch practitioners contributed to the event. To show the peaceful character of Falun Gong, the practitioners demonstrated the exercises.

Afterwards there were a few speeches to explain why the demonstration was held. One of the speakers was a representative of a human rights organization. She spoke about the seriousness of the issue and mentioned that the European governments should speak out and stand up against the persecution.

The whole event was recorded by a Dutch television team and a reporter of a national Dutch newspaper.

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