Despicable Tactics Used In Baiyin City Brainwashing Centre

The brainwashing centre in Baiyin City, Gansu Province opened in November 2002. The centre is under the direct control of the Baiyin City "610 Office."* It has 24 personnel who came from the city's Political and Judicial Committee, the Public Security Department, the court, the prosecutor, the Party Training Institute, the Science Committee, the Architectural Engineering Institute and others. The centre is designated to brainwash thse 140 Dafa practitioners whose names have been recorded on a blacklist by the Baiyin City government.

The Political and Judiciary Committee in Baiyin City leased the Wuchuan Township Agriculture Bank office complex as the location for the brainwashing centre. They sealed the second floor of the building with steel fencing and installed a metal door with a lock to open to the second floor entrance. The windows of all the rooms on the second floor were fitted with metal bars. They even built segregated toilets to prevent Dafa practitioners from getting out of the centre. They posted various pictorial posters in the conference room that defame and slander Dafa. They bought in a home theatre system to show video CDs that were full of lies. They set up a security office at the entrance of the yard complex and put four security guards on duty in different shifts. The security guards were from the Public Security Department of the City. The big metal entrance door to the yard complex was normally closed at all times. The city's Political and Judiciary Committee provided financial support, material resources and personnel for the center. After all these preparations, they threatened in a newspaper column that, within a short period of time, they would thoroughly brainwash the 140+ firm blacklisted Dafa practitioners from Baiyin City.

From November 2002 to August 2003, within this nine months period, this centre held three brainwashing sessions. The Baiyin Political and Judiciary Committee and the "610 Office" ordered the "610 Offices" from every district and township to abduct Dafa practitioners. They abducted Dafa practitioners from their homes and from their work places and took them to the centre and transferred Dafa practitioners in labour camps to the centre. The "610 Office" ordered that the each employer of a Dafa practitioner or each township government where Dafa practitioners live to provide two employees as "companion personnel." These "companion personnel" live with the Dafa practitioners in the same room, to monitor them 24 hours a day. The employer or family must pay 1400 Yuan** as a "fee" for each practitioner taken. The wages for the "companion personnel" are paid by the employers or the township government.

Most Often Used Methods by the Brainwash Centre Workers to Persecute Dafa Practitioners:

1. Forcing lies on Dafa practitioners

The evildoers in this the centre force practitioners to read materials that defame Dafa and to view Video CDs that slander Dafa in attempts to brainwash them. They force Dafa practitioners to memorize the content of defamatory posters on the wall. If the Dafa practitioners refuse to co-operate, they threaten that "they would use extreme measures.

2. Trying to deceive Dafa practitioners with the strategy of "Five Hearts" (LOVE, KINDNESS, HONESTY, PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE) that they painstakingly established, they fail to cover up the brutality of the persecution. The true purpose of this strategy is to use their sham kindness to cover up the brutal nature of the brainwashing.

To deceive the kind hearted Dafa practitioners, they said that they would not beat and curse Dafa practitioners and they would treat Dafa practitioners with equality without any unfairness. They even said with the same sham kindness, "The reason that we installed the fence on second floor and installed bars on the windows is for the sake of your safety."

Trying to force Mr. Zhang Rong (in his 40s) to give up his belief, the centre head Yan with two "companion personnel" took Zhang Rong outside of the center for a "walk and rest." When Yan realized that Zhang Rong had made up his mind to cultivate Dafa, he got angry. Departing from his normal behaviour, he locked the metal door to the second floor of the business building during the daytime and did not allow the Dafa practitioners to eat their lunch. Zhang Rong was a teacher at Xinzhuang Township Middle School, Hui'ning County.

The head of the brainwashing centre once slandered Teacher Li recklessly and attacked Dafa. He forced many people to give up practising cultivation in Dafa.

I once was on a hunger strike for eight days in this centre. During those eight days, the evildoers forced me to clean the brainwashing centre yard. Sometimes they forced me to carry a sprayer containing 20-30 lb of insecticide spray to kill flies.

The evil people had persuaded the leading personnel from Baiyin District's Education Bureau, the leading personnel of the school, my aged father and others who had given up cultivating Dafa to plead with me to stop my hunger strike. I was not persuaded. Until the eighth day, seven to eight evil people forced me on a bed and tied me to the bed with ropes. They had medical personnel from nearby medical clinics force-feed me. The centre head Yan slapped my face and cursed me with dirty words. During the force-feeding, the inside of my inner lips were punctured and bleeding, yet they were unable to force any food into me. They then forced me to have an infusion. I was infused with three bottle of liquid. Later I was forced to stop the hunger strike. I escaped from the evil den with righteous thoughts.

Ms. Wang Hui (in her 40s) is an employee of Baiyin Corporation's Employees' Hospital. When she was sent to the 1st Provincial Labour Camp, she did not pass the physical examination and the labour camp refused to detain her there. She was also sent to the brainwashing centre and was handcuffed upon her arrival. The persecutors assigned four personnel to watch her. Wang Hui went on a hunger strike for nine days, and the evildoers also fed her with brutal force.

3. Deception

In order to have Dafa practitioner give up their belief, evildoing police promised practitioners and their families that they can go back to work and receive a full salary if they give up Falun Gong. In reality, their bargaining chip, to promise full employment, is our basic right.

4. Brainwashing using "loved ones"

In the brainwashing centre, the enforcers had family members and friends come in to help brainwash the practitioners. They use parents, children, spouses, colleagues and friends. Small numbers of people who were not solid in studying and understanding the teachings of Falun Dafa succumbed to this method. Most practitioners were able to keep righteous thought and stayed as true practitioners.

5. Intimidation with false charges Once the so-called "Five Hearts" and "Love and Caring"(brainwashing tactics) failed to transform practitioners, the fiends peeled off their masks and began to show their real faces. They repeated the lies from the government media and accused practitioners of all kinds of horrible crimes.

6. Brutal torture -- Tiger Bench For those who did not give up Falun Gong at the end of the three-month-brainwashing sessions, the Tiger Bench would be used to torture practitioners. The Tiger Bench is a cruel torture method: a practitioner's arms are pulled back and up; both hands are cuffed to two large steel rings; the legs are tied down to two steel rings on the bench; the knees are pressed against a steel bar. The person sits on a small metal plate no more than 4 cm (1.6 inches) wide. Practitioner Bai Yujun from Jingyuan County was put on the tiger bench for two hours. Jiang Zhengguang from Huining was tortured for 11 hours on the Tiger bench.

7. Threatened with solitary confinement, forced labour and jail terms

In addition to physical tortures, the persecutors also used the threats of solitary confinement, forced labour camps and jail sentences to intimidate practitioners. In three brainwashing sessions, except for two practitioners who were unconditionally released, 15 practitioners were forced to stop practising Dafa. One person was very determined at the beginning but gave in to the evildoers after 18 days of solitary confinement and other persecution.

Now, three practitioners are suffering in this detention centre: Wang Lianzhen from Sitan Township, Jingtai County; Wang Hui, a staffer from Baiyun's company hospital; Zhang Rong, a teacher from the Xinzhuang Middle School in Huining County. Please pay attention to the brutal persecution against human rights in the Baiyin City Brainwashing Centre. We encourage conscientious people to stand up and condemn the crimes against Falun Gong practitioners at the hands of Jiang Zemin's regime.

*"610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

**Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

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