Illegal Sentences Follow Arrests at Experience Sharing Conference in Jiaohe City

More than ten Falun Dafa practitioners organized an experience sharing gathering on May 17, 2003 at Songjiang Town, Jiaohe City, in Jilin Province.

Someone reported the gathering to the authorities, and as a result some practitioners were arrested illegally. During the arrests, however, the Songjian practitioners fully demonstrated an awareness of selflessness befitting a Dafa practitioner. Some of the local practitioners had already avoided arrest, but when they saw that out-of-town practitioners were stranded and unable to leave, they returned without a second thought, drawing the attention of the police to themselves by clarifying the truth to them. As a result, all of the visiting practitioners safely returned home and the local practitioners were arrested. Facing probable beatings, torture, and prison sentences, the Songjiang practitioners nevertheless gave their assistance. So far, four of these Falun Dafa practitioners have walked away from prison.

On August 3, 2003, Guang Peixia, accused in court of being the main organizer of the DaFa conference, was illegally sentenced to six years in prison. Wu Chuenghua and Suen Liyan were both illegally sentenced to four years in prison.

Three tiers of policemen heavily guarded the courtroom building, and additional undercover police were stationed to prevent Falun Dafa practitioners from entering the courtroom to witness the trial. All members of the courtroom audience were appointed by the prosecutors, and no one else was allowed entry. A local resident living near the courtroom building said, "I have never seen a trial like this. In the past, anyone could enter the courtroom and listen, but this time, no one can even come close to the building..."

One of the court policemen said, "I heard there were lots of Falun Gong practitioners that came from all around Jilin Province yesterday, and the hotels are all full."

"Falun Dafa is good!" was repeatedly heard from the crowd as the Falun Dafa practitioners fearlessly walked from the courtroom.

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