Article from Icelandic Newspaper "Frettabladid": The Fourth Lawsuit against Luo Gan - Ready to Detain and Investigate

Supreme Court lawyer Ragnar Adalsteinsson has launched a lawsuit against Luo Gan, head of law enforcement in China, at the State prosecutor’s office on behalf of three Falun Gong associations and 12 individuals, who have been persecuted and tortured.

“According to Icelandic law, the Icelandic government has power over this man, if he is guilty of breaking laws with regards to torture, no matter where [the torture] happened” said Ragnar in a public announcement. “Lou Gan has been charged with torture, genocide and crimes against humanity, and now there is a unique chance to begin an investigation of this man.”

Falun Gong spokesman Li Shao stated that this is the fourth lawsuit against Lou Gan. “There are charges against Lou Gan and his [610] three other countries: the USA, Belgium and France. Luo Gan has not wanted to travel to these countries”

Li Shao added that Luo Gan was personally responsible for the torture and murder of hundreds of people. So it is important that he be stopped from leaving the country and that his case is investigated.

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