Article from French Newspaper "La Provence": Falun Gong Practitioners at Clock Square

The newspaper “La Provence”, which is published in Marseille, ran an article on the 24th of August titled, “Falun Gong Practitioners at Clock Square”. Here is the article:

Approximately a dozen people sat with their legs crossed on the hot ground at Clock Square. They were beginning to practise [the exercises of] Falun Gong, a Chinese meditation system. One practitioner explained: “This is a completely free practice that is composed of a set of meditation exercises; you could also say that it is a way of life. The practice began in China and in 1992 it spread to the public. Since then, it has attracted 100 million Chinese people. Nevertheless, the leaders of the Communist Party did not like this. From their perspective, 100 million people was too many. As a result, the leaders of the Communist Party began to brutally persecute practitioners. This is the reason we have held these activities.” Today, the activities continue at Clock Square.

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