Poem: Dawn Comes to the Cosmos

Lonely planet, cold and dark,
Millions of years welding humans into a maze,
In the Age of the Law's End,
the human heart no longer has any Fa.

Earth is not alone,
Layers upon layers of the universe aged,
the cosmos' sentient beings puzzled,
facing the end of time with trepidation.

Sentient beings long for the Fa,
one that will guide them through the puzzle,
one that will offer salvation,
one that will offer a new hope.

In the midst of darkness, a Wheel turns,
The Lord of Buddhas descends to the world,
offering the last hope to sentient beings,
the turning of Falun has begun.

Old forces warped beyond salvation,
demonically obstructing the grand spread of Dafa,
throwing the Three Realms into turmoil,
with no disregard for life but their own.

Plans thwarted, notions in vain,
Dafa offers salvation to all,
all beings have hope,
but those who oppose it have lost all.

The universe is renewed,
propriety and justice prevail again,
The dark night passes
Dawn has come to the new cosmos.

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