Taiwan: Continuous Signature Collection in a Dozen Places in Tainan City to Oppose Hong Kong's Article 23 Legislation

"Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation" Tainan Chapter launched a signature collection drive at five designated places in Tainan City last Sunday to oppose Hong Kong government's attempt to push ahead with Article 23 legislation. On July 5-6, more Taiwanese concerned about Hong Kong's human rights and freedom joined in the signature collection drive against Article 23 legislation in ten places in Tainan City and County. Signature collectors called upon people concerned about Hong Kong's future to sign their names to oppose Hong Kong's Article 23 legislation. One Falun Gong practitioner who participated in the signature collection drive expressed that she was in the "July 1st " Hong Kong's Grand March. She believed that Article 23 legislation under the Basic Law pushed through by the Hong Kong government under pressure from the Central government, targets Falun Gong, because Falun Gong has been persecuted in China for four years. Except for China, the whole world including Hong Kong welcomes and recognises Falun Gong. This is what the Mainland government cannot tolerate, so it is eager to push through the enactment of Article 23 legislation. Falun Gong practitioners love freedom, respect human rights, so they certainly will oppose Article 23 legislation.

92-year-old Mr. Ma, who is the same age as the country, is active in clarifying the truth

People gather to sign their names to express their support

A practitioner patiently explains the relationship between Taiwan and Hong Kong's Article 23 legislation
A practitioner said, "A small piece of white cloth contains boundless vital force; no matter how many people come to sign, they can find a space for their names."

Some people questioned how much effect it would achieve if they signed their names, volunteer signature collectors patiently explained to them, "Do not belittle your own strength. Drops of water can penetrate a rock, and unity is strength. Strength of hundreds of thousands of people's compassion will definitely defeat the evil." After hearing the explanation, people were happy to sign their names to express their opposition to Article 23 legislation.

Tainan City Dafa practitioners shared a common thought, they will continue collecting signatures until the Hong Kong government completely abolishes Article 23 legislation.

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