SOS Amsterdam-Brussels Walk Receives Support in The Hague & Rotterdam

SOS Amsterdam-Brussels Walk Recevies Support in The Hague & Rotterdam

In The Hague 2 Dutch practitioners joined the SOS walk from Amsterdam to Brussels for one day. A letter was delivered to the Dutch Prime Minister to explain the purpose of the walk and the serious human rights situation in China, which is now being worsened due to the international focus on the US-Afghanistan conflict. A visit was also paid to the mayor of The Hague. Though the mayor was not able to receive us, his secretary gladly accepted our letter and information package. On the way to The Hague a reporter of a local newspaper joined the walkers to conduct an interview. The article was published the next day.


Upon arrival in Rotterdam we went to visit the townhall to hand over a letter to the mayor. Because the mayor was not in, we brought the message across to the secretary of the mayor. She gladly accepted our information materials and assured us to hand it over to the mayor. The porters were very kind and they helped us taking a picture in front of the city hall.

Afterwards we went into the city centre of Rotterdam to give a demonstration of the exercises. Many people accepted our flyers. During our demonstration a reporter of a local newspaper showed up to conduct an interview. The next day it appeared in the newspaper.

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