Poem: Fire and Being

Behind every dawning of sun, the tempest that
rivals tranquil skies, behind all invention, every
edifice raised by man… from fields of flowers to
the unfolding of the smallest petal there are
beings with intent and consciousness, a level of
guardianship overseeing all manner of things…

Inside each form of matter, there “beingness”
resides… For what is the heart without compassion,
a shell almost empty, confined to shadows and
cold, a lantern without a flame that animates its
existence, renders it with illumination, warmth
and purpose.

If the element of fire be the active principle and
metaphor in expression, the breath that gives
birth to being, then we await the day for a new
discovery of “fire,” something of the quintessential
spark, the origin and heart that is life itself.

With a flood of fire, the cosmos alight, an infinite
breath of creation forged inside every realm and
particle. To awaken further our hearts and
minds until the hour when all is revealed, eyes
and consciousness anew!

The most fundamental nature of the cosmos:
Truthfulness - Compassion – Forbearance

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