Gradually I Learned the Importance of "Solemn Declarations"

In September 2001, I saw that many fellow practitioners had published "solemn declarations" using their true names, which shook me a great deal. I thought to myself that I should also write one, so I wrote one in my diary, but did not publish it. This shows that I had fear, and that I did not fully understand the matter from the basis of Fa principles.

The second time I wrote a "solemn declaration" was in October 2002. I wrote it on the blank space of an article I submitted to [a Chinese Falun Dafa website. I did not sign my real name, but used "Falun Dafa practitioner xx (pseudonym) in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province." That declaration was not published, because I still had not truly understood the solemnity of this action.

The third time, I finally realised, based on Fa principles, that writing "solemn declarations" is an opportunity for someone like me who has a stain on my Fa-rectification cultivation path. It lays a foundation for my new future; it is an opportunity given by our great Teacher. Whether or not we can grab this opportunity is a Dafa practitioner's own choice. To declare that all the mistakes I made are null and void is fundamentally negating the old force's arrangements, and is a heavy blow to the evil -- a blow that they fear the most. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "But with the thought of doing cultivation, just with this wish in their minds, it shines like gold and shakes the Ten-Directional World" (The Third Talk, Reverse Cultivation and Gong Borrowing). The same situation occurs when we truly recognise the importance of "solemn declarations." That thought shines like gold, and shakes the Ten-directional world. Gods see it, and the evil sees it too. I shook off the dirt that was on me, and I completely intend to walk my path correctly, to be responsible to sentient beings, and be responsible to the Fa.

I hope that all fellow practitioners who have not written "solemn declarations" (that is, those practitioners with a stain on their path) will enlighten to these Fa-principles. Do not miss this chance that our great benevolent Teacher has given to us to wash our stains clean. This opportunity does not come along easily--only our Teacher can give it to us. It is another promise we make to our Teacher, and to the gods.

My understanding is limited by my current level of cultivation. Fellow practitioners, please point out any errors, with compassion.

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