Police in the Jiutai Forced Labour Camp: "It is useless for you to sue us because you cannot get any evidence."

From January to March of 2003, many Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the intensive monitoring cells in the Jiutai Forced Labour Camp of Jilin Province. When the number of people exceeded the capacity of the cells, all the units in the camp emptied their luggage storage rooms and made them into confinement cells. All those cells were inside the iron-bar cages on the first floor. The winter was very cold and there were no heating devices. Two boards were put down on the cement floor with steel rings on them. The police usually handcuffed practitioners to the board, forcing them to lie down with legs and arms constrained apart by the boards. Practitioners were often forced to lie or sit in a fixed position for a whole day without any bedding on the boards. They were only given blankets and bedding at 8:00pm when it was the time to sleep. During the night, the windows were open and the temperature inside was the same -20o C (-4o F) as outside. The police also ordered the food provided to those cells to be only half the normal amount and be all coarse grain products. Those practitioners who were sent to the intensive monitoring cells also had their terms prolonged.

Dafa practitioner Wu Dexiu from Jiaohe County was confined to those cells many times for refusing to watch the video that slandered Dafa, and refusing to do the labour. Two of his toes developed frostbite due to the freezing. The hospital diagnosis showed that surgery was necessary and they needed to be amputated.

Around the time of the Chinese festival of 2003, practitioners living in building #1 of the construction unit refused to do the roll call and labour, to protest the illegal detention. This caused the police to fear the situation. They confined practitioner Liu Huihai in a solitary compartment and prolonged his term by half a year with the charge of "organizing and instigating, refusing to be 'reformed' through labour." The police also confined practitioners in the labour unit for criminals, in order to separate them from other practitioners. Liu Huihai was unable to eat anything in March. He threw up whatever he ate. Later he was out on bail for medical reasons and left the camp. Zhao Xishun was put in the solitary compartment and beaten when he was very weak due to a long hunger strike by some criminals who were following police orders. He had bruises around his eyes. Practitioner Zhang Qingwen at building #2 refused to cooperate with the evildoers by refusing to do the roll call. For this he was put into the solitary compartment and beaten by criminals under police orders. Liu Fengyan did a little bit of meditation on the lunch break and was then dragged to the toilet room and beaten by Yan Xiaoming and other criminals. Practitioner Li Dezhong refused to watch the video slandering Dafa and was put into the solitary compartment.

On February 17th and 18th practitioners detained in the education unit, were beaten for refusing to watch the video slandering Dafa. Deputy Chief Meng Xianglin ordered the police from the administration department and education department to beat the practitioners.

Practitioner Wu Dexiu from the education unit had been on and off hunger strike beginning around the Chinese Spring Festival (2/1/2003) and ending in May, and suffered great physical pain.

On April 3rd, practitioner Zhao Guoxing from the logistic unit was transferred out. He had written letters to expose the fact that police there beat practitioners. His whereabouts are currently unknown. Others whose whereabouts are unknown include Cao Xiaowei, Xu Peng, and Zhao Xishun, and others. They were all labeled "refusing to be reformed" by the police.

On the afternoon of February 20th, practitioner Yin Xianghui in the labour services unit refused to watch the video slandering Dafa, and requested that the TV be turned off. The police then dragged him into the office and shocked him with electric batons. He was then transferred to the construction unit.

On March 31st, the labour camp organized a brainwashing class and started a new round of persecution. Practitioners Li Wenjun, Qu Cheng from the education unit, and Guo Yanxiang, Qu Jun, Yu Yongpan, and Zhang Yanbiao from the construction unit, received all kinds of persecution there. The police used electric batons to shock them, and also beat them with rubber batons. They also used torture methods including sleep deprivation, hanging the practitioners up by their handcuffed wrists and beating them, forced brainwashing sessions, etc.

On February 20th, at the work site, practitioners Tian Yunhai and Miao Chunsheng in the labour services unit were penalized because they reported to the police department about the arbitrary extension of their terms and the beating incidents, and refused to do the labour. The police dragged them to the construction site and forced them to stand still facing the wall. When Tian Yunhai reported to Zheng Hailing, the head of the administration department, about the police beating practitioners. Zheng shouted shamelessly like a ruffian, "Who saw it? Who saw it?" Then he turned around and accused Tian Yunhai of "refusing to be reformed."

"Who saw it?" has become a tag for the police in Jiutai Forced Labour Camp. With this kind of mentality, they appear shameless and contemptible. When the practitioner asked police officer Zhang Baochun about the beatings, the next day he beat the practitioner, then said, "Did I beat you yesterday? Who saw it?" The first time policeman Zhang Ming talked to practitioners, he said, "It is useless for you to sue us. You can not get any evidence." The deputy chief of the police department Meng Xianglin once ordered seven policemen to beat one practitioner who refused to watch the video slandering Dafa. He even said shamelessly, "Did I beat you? I did not, did I?" In all kinds of public meetings, he would sanctimoniously claim, "Using force does not mean beating and physical torture. I always object to beating and physical torture."

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