Three Sisters Inhumanly Tormented by Shijiazhuang Police

Falun Dafa practitioner Li Huiqi was tortured to the point of complete paralysis by Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp police. Her eldest sister Li Huimin was the only one able to take care of her.

On May 8, 2003, police from the Shijiazhuang "610 Office" arrested Li Huiqi's other sister Li Huixin (who had been forced into homelessness in order to avoid being arrested). They then dragged Li Huixin to Li Huiqi's home, and arrested Li Huimin who was taking care of Li Huiqi at the time. Li Huimin tried to reason with the police: "Li Huiqi is completely paralysed and she needs constant care. If you take her caretaker away that is as good as killing her. If you take me away, who will take care of her?"

The police glossed things over by saying, "We only want to ask you a few questions. We'll let you go after a few hours." Neither Li Huimin nor Li Huixin have been released. No one knows if the three sisters are alive or dead.

Names and phone numbers of those responsible for the persecution:

Zhao Jinlong, Director of Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp: 86-13930122752
Zhou Yilin, Policeman in Division Four of the labour camp: 86-13011597691
Qiao Xiaoxia, Policeman in Squad Two of Division Four of the labour camp: 86-13013230210
Li Yong, Head of Division Four
Shijiazhuang "610 Office:" 86-311-6686701
Wang Yongzhi, Chief of the Hebei Province "610 Office": 86-311-7906580

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