Atrocities at Masanjia Forced Labour Camp: Physical and Mental Abuse Day and Night

For several years, the No.2 Female Centre of Masanjia Forced Labour Camp has maliciously employed the most cruel torture methods on Falun Dafa practitioners. The labour camp police forced practitioner Ms. Wang Yulan to remain in a squatting position for 9 days and nights. They would not allow her to move or use the toilet. When Ms. Wang was too tired and worn out to stay in the squatting position, they directed collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have stopped practising due to brainwashing and torture and now assist in the persecution of Falun Gong] to handcuff her to the heat pipe so that she could neither stand up nor sit down. She became unconscious due to the severe pain. Her hands were badly burned from the heat pipe, which continues to cause great pain from an infection of the burned area.

Another practitioner, Ms. Shao Jingrong, was forced to squat for 7-8 days because of her firm belief in Dafa and Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. Her legs became swollen and she could hardly walk. The evil camp police still harassed her to write the "guarantee statement," [to give up practising Falun Gong] but Ms. Shao was resolute in refusing to yield to her persecutors. The heartless guards dragged her into a "small cell" for over 10 consecutive days of severe torture. The continuous 20-some days of inhuman tortures made Ms. Shao so weak that she was unable to stand up or even sit up. Finally, the guards carried her to lie down on the cement floor of a small triangular building in the camp. She remains there in isolation.

In the Masanjia camp, many Falun Dafa practitioners are being driven to mental collapse under the torture and the brutal psychological brainwashing. We have heard them screaming in pain from time to time.

To the people of the world with global social conscience and a sense of justice: Together let's stop Jiang and his regime's cruel persecution of innocent, kindhearted people who stand strong for "Truthfulness -- Compassion -- Forbearance."

Further information - Masanjia's Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary:

Yuan Chuanjun, Telephone number: 86-418-2825151.

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