Righteous Thoughts and Actions Cause Zhuozhou City Brainwashing Centre to Shut Down

The Zhuozhou City Education Transformation Camp" (in fact it was a brainwashing centre) was promoted to the status of a so-called "Law Education Camp" because of the effort that it put into persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The Falun Dafa practitioners from Baoding City and other counties were detained there. It was a place full of evil minded people whom cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners. Its authorities told the outside that they "persuaded, educated and cared for" Dafa practitioners in order to "transform" them. In reality, they used brutal torture methods to try to brainwash and transform practitioners. They used electric batons to shock them, belts to beat them and clamps to fasten their thumbs onto the bunk beds, so that they could neither stand nor sit. They often slapped practitioners heedlessly. When practitioners went on a hunger strike, they forced their mouths open and inserted tubes down their throats into their stomachs and force-fed them porridge that was heavily laced with cayenne pepper. Director Gao Xuefei claimed, "This is a jail, but not a regular jail. It is a labour camp, but not a regular labour camp!"

It was in this den of evil that retired schoolteacher Zhai Xiuqin from Beima Village of Zhuozhou City was killed.

Many practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts towards this labour camp. Practitioners refused to cooperate with the illegal persecution and sent righteous thoughts together. They explained the truth to the staff and showed them truth clarifying VCDs. One after another the practitioners walked out with their dignity intact. On the 20th April, 2003, this "Legal Education Camp" disintegrated. All illegally detained Dafa practitioners there were released and all the staff deserted the building and went away.

This incident again proved that Falun Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts should not be underestimated. We hope fellow practitioners carefully follow Teacher Li's teachings and do well the three things: studying the Fa [ the teachings of Falun Gong], sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. We must fully utilise the time we have left to clarify the true facts.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/5/1/49452.html

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