“Culture night” in the city of Vasteras, Sweden

Saturday September 15 an annual event called “Culture night” took place in the town of Vasteras, Sweden. It is a popular festivity when a lot of people take part in cultural activities.

Twelve practitioners performed the Falun Gong exercises at the Culture House in Vasteras. Many people were interested in the programme and were clearly touched by the stillness and power in the hall generated by the energy from the Falun Gong exercises. Quite a few of them wanted to start practice and planned to come to our practice site.

We also went to the city centre to give out information. Some curious coincidences took place here. Falun Dafa practitioners who don’t even live in Vasteras met people they hadn’t seen for many years. We felt that this must have been due to a pre-destined relationship. Some Chinese people also came by and willingly accepted information in Chinese.

Later that night two of us went to the castle of Vasteras, which was visited by a lot of people. One of us performed the exercises and the other one talked to people and distributed flyers. There was a very fine atmosphere. Lots of people were interested and at times there were several rows of people who watched and wanted to have flyers. None of us had experienced such an interest from people before. We distributed a lot of flyers and reached people in a very positive way. A teacher came by and wanted some information. She told us that her students often asked her about Falun Gong. She asked if she could call us to come to her school to talk to the students.

We went home that night with a happy heart. Many people are searching and in a time when there is chaos in the world, they are attracted to the peace, serenity and righteousness in Falun Gong.

Practitioners from Sweden

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