Practitioners Reveal the Truth about Falun Dafa to the Consul General of India's Mission to the UN in Geneva

On the 14th March 2003, two Indian Dafa practitioners met with the Consul General of India’s mission to Geneva to talk about Falun Dafa and the truth behind the lies spread by Jiang and his regime. The meeting lasted for about half an hour. The Consul General said that although he has met with practitioners before, this is the first time he has met Indian practitioners, so he was interested in learning more. He was aware of Falun Dafa and its persecution in China, but he had several questions. Here is a short report on the questions and answers.

Every year so many practitioners gather in Geneva, and the parade is really good. How is Falun Gong different from other practices in India?

We explained that there are many practices like Yoga etc, which are limited to healing and fitness. Many philosophies have good principles, but are hard to put into practice. Falun Gong is different because the people who practise it can easily follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance in their daily lives. By practising the exercises and reading the books, Falun Gong practitioners are trying to assimilate to these principles.

What is the reason behind the persecution?

In China, after the introduction of Falun Gong in 1992, the number of people who practised grew to 100 million by the end of 1998, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese government. Jiang Zemin felt this was a threat to his power. The party ideology didn’t support these kinds of practices, because they are afraid that people would develop independent thinking and will no longer be under their control.

How many Indians practise Falun Gong?

There are about 20 Indians practicing in the United States. The exact count is not known. In India, there are a few hundred practising Falun Gong.

He was not aware that Falun Gong was being practiced in India. We gave him, the Falun Gong report in India. He went over the report and came to know more about the practice in India.

He asked if we knew the practitioners in Geneva, and how practitioners communicate between themselves. He also asked who organised the conference, and where will it take place.

We explained that European Falun Dafa Association is organising the conference. They sent details to the Assistants in each area, from whom other practitioners get the information. We do not have direct contacts with the practitioners in Geneva. Only after coming to Geneva, do we get to know the local practitioners and the location of the conference. The conference location will be announced at the last minute, to avoid interference from the Chinese government.

He asked about the practice in each local area as well as the practice sites and assistants. He also asked if there are any rules to follow when practising the exercises, and if there is only one Master or practitioners can also become Masters.

Practitioners in each area gather together to do the exercises and read the books. There are no fees charged to learn the exercises, and anyone can teach it voluntarily. There is no rule to practise the exercises, and it can be done based on one's own convenience. We also mentioned that the books and local contacts are available on Dafa websites. The main book of Falun Gong is Zhuan Falun, and this is available on the websites. There is only one Master, and that is Master Li Hongzhi. No one else can become a Master. All others are Falun Gong practitioners.

He asked how we get money to travel to Geneva, attend the conference and appeal at the UN?

We explained that because we practise Falun Gong, we are concerned about our fellow practitioners in China, suffering from torture and other persecution. We, and all the other practitioners, spend our own money and time to travel to Geneva and appeal to the UN. We ask for their support and ask them to help stop this vicious persecution against Falun Gong in China.

We gave him a Falun Gong Report and showed him how practitioners are being tortured in China. When we asked if India can express its support at the UN, he said that the Indian government understands that Falun Gong is good, and persecution is not right. Even though the Chinese government has sent them some anti-Falun Gong material, they were not affected by it. We said we wanted the Indian government to know the truth about Falun Gong, and make the right decision.

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