Speech from Peter Müller of the International Society for Human Rights, Given at a Falun Dafa Press Conference in Geneva

Dear Friends, mes amis, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to bring you the respect and the compliments of IGFM (Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte), Germany. IGFM means International Society for Human Rights.

But I do not only bring you the respect and the compliments, I also bring you the firm promise of our continuing attention and assistance to the case of Falun Dafa practitioners and their plight in their home country China. A China which is ruled by ruthless, pitiless, unforgiving dictators, who - above all - have named it the People’s Republic of China.

But today’s China is not a “People’s” Republic. It is a straightforward dictatorship, which denies its citizens all democratic, civil, and public rights and punishes heavily, tortures, and quite often murders those citizens who insist on these rights. The right of a private life, the right to liberty and security of person, the right to freedom and expression, the right to peaceful assembly and association. These are only a few of the rights laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When the PRC joined the UN she accepted all of these rights without any reservation, and she promised to put each and all of them into reality in Chinese territory.

But today’s China does not grant any of these rights though, they are compulsory obligations for every member state of the UN.

No one knows that better than your peaceful fellow practitioners inside China. By any standards it is totally unacceptable, and by that I mean all and every moral standard of civilised people and nations on this globe. It is totally unacceptable how your fellow practitioners are persecuted, tortured, maimed, killed, and their families and friends pressurised by the Chinese dictators and their willing helpers. A screaming injustice - a shame and disgrace for China and a disgrace for humanity.

Unfortunately nobody in the building in front of us will dare to speak out against the PRC, not even my friendly Foreign Minister. Despite his recent enthusiastic gestures towards the German branch of Falun Dafa, he will not say anything next time he is in Beijing.

So, please, don’t rely on any politicians. Rely on yourself. Rely on your own ways, on Falun Gong.

I know it is the best you can do. Personally I am of the same opinion as the infamous Ex-President of the PRC. Mr. Jiang Zemin. When he first came into contact with Falun Gong he had the same impression as I did: Every single practitioner radiates an inherent patience, energy, and confidence which makes him or her absolutely unassailable by political propaganda and pressure. This is your strength, an insurmountable asset that is beyond any dictatorial might. Jiang Zemin realised this. And he fears it. More than anything else. Therefore the repression; therefore bureau 610.

Though Falun Gong is totally non-political and a private affair, to the dictators your strength is a threat. To me, to IGFM, to the free world it is something quite different. It is not only hope. It means certainty.

These days there is much talk about another infamous dictator, the diseased Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union - good riddance. When warned of the strengths and patience of religions, he asked, “How many divisions does the Pope have?” Voilà. You and I know the outcome.

Your fellow practitioners in China should know how to use their strength and their patience. Falun Dafa practitioners are much stronger than any suppression, than any terrorist regime. Be sure, Falun Gong will survive the present regime, and will be even stronger than before, will be able to practise peacefully, in private and in public. And this will be so within the foreseeable future. Until then IGFM stands at your side. Have confidence.

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