Greek Falun Dafa Association is Established

The Greek Falun Dafa Association has been established. This wonderful news is another milestone in the progress of the Fa-rectification in Europe and the world, and is a manifestation of Dafa's roots being established ever more strongly in the world and throughout society.

It is worth noting that for an Association to be established in Greece, it must go through a process of analysis by a court of law. The conclusion of the Greek court of law was, " is non-profit making, not against the law, morals, or public order. Therefore the application must be passed." Isnt this is sharp contrast to what the Jiang regime is saying? The lies are soon exposed in the light of the truth.

Greek practitioners wish to sincerely thank everyone, practitioners and non-practitioners, for their help in establishing the Association, and to pass on their deepest respects to our great Teacher.

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