Practitioner Mr. Zhao Tortured and Denied Medical Treatment

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhao Yu'An was tortured by the guards in Daqing Prison, injuring his left ear and arm.

Head of Prison District No. 4 Huo Weidong noticed that some of the detainees did not squat during “roll call” on the morning of April 16th, 2015.

He said: “Raise up your hand if you did not squat.” Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Zhao Yu'An and Mr. Na Zibo raised their hands.

Huo called Mr. Zhao into the guards office, pulled off his cotton padded jacket and shouted: “You can't wear these clothes in here! It doesn't have the word “prisoner” on it.”

Mr. Zhao replied: “I am not a criminal, I am innocent. There is no law that says Falun Gong is a cult. Your persecution of practitioners is illegal. The prison has not provided cotton padded jacket uniforms for years, my family sent me the jacket, and it is my personal belonging.”

Commander Liu of the Prison District No. 7 walked in and ordered the practitioners to write the word “prisoner” on the jacket.

Liu called in four inmates to pull off Mr. Zhao's clothes. Mr. Zhao resisted and said that they were violating existing Chinese law. The officers ignored him, ordered the inmates to hold him and proceeded to strip him.

Huo and administration officer Zhang painted the word “prisoner” 20 times on Mr. Zhao's clothes.

Mr. Zhao was held naked by two inmates, while Huo brutally beat him, injuring his left ear and arm.

He was then taken to a small confinement cell for seven days. The cell is 1.2 meters wide, 3 meters long and 5 meters high, with a small window.

Mr. Zhao was only allowed two spoons of porridge in the morning; two spoons of soup and two small pieces of corn bread for lunch and dinner.

He asked to see a doctor for his injuries, but was denied by instructor Tang. Mr. Zhao is very emaciated.

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