Police Harass Daughter of Tortured-to-Death Victim

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Qin Yueming died at the Jiamusi Prison after guards force-fed him in February 2011.

Mr. Qin's wife and two daughters are seeking justice. Despite all the red tape, their case was accepted by the Compensation Committee of the Higher People's Court in Heilongjiang Province in September 2011.

However, the family has been under intense pressure by the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC) and the 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) to withdraw their case. The women were threatened, harassed, and monitored. Mr. Qin's wife and younger daughter Ms. Qin Hailong were imprisoned for 18 months.

Now, officials have withheld Ms. Qin Hailong's identity (ID) card so she cannot attend school or find a job.

A package that held Ms. Qin Hailong's ID card and some evidence about Mr. Qin Yueming's death was lost in November 2012. The package was reportedly turned in to the Liushun Police Station. When Ms. Qin Rongqian, eldest daughter of Mr. Qin, wanted to reclaim the package, she was told the package was turned over to the provincial 610 Office of Heilongjiang. However, the 610 Office denied any involvement with the package.

Monitored and Harassed

Ms. Qin Hailong moved back to her hometown of Yichun City with her mother in August 2014. She had to register at the local police station to get a new ID. After they applied, they were monitored and harassed around the clock by local police. Police cars were seen every night outside their apartment. Police even woke them up in the middle of night.

Ms. Qin Hailong applied for a new ID at the Tuanjie Police Station on August 7, 2014. But police refused to give the card to her. They told her that the ID was withheld on order of the local 610 Office.

Ms. Qin tried again to get her ID in early December and was told that it was turned over to the the local 610 Office. However, the director of the local 610 Office refused to answer any inquiry from her. After repeated contacts with the director of the local police department and calls to the mayor's hot-line, she was told that the order came from Guo Shengjun, Political Commissar of the 610 Office of the Provincial Police Bureau.

When Mr. Qin contacted him, Guo Shengjun said that they withhold the ID because Ms. Qin's older sister had double residencies. When asked what that had to do with Ms. Qin, Guo broke contact with her.

Ms. Qin then visited the office of Letters and Visit of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government and complained about the mistreatment. When she told the agent her situation, the agent said, “Nobody can withhold your ID card, and they are crazy to try it.”

Then the agent received a phone call from the 610 Office. The agent returned and said, “I am at the same level as Guo Shengjun and have no authority over him. If you want to file a complaint, you need to go to a higher authority in Beijing.”

About the same time that Ms. Qin tried to get her ID card, the Intermediate People's Court of Yichun City demanded that Mr. Qin Yueming's wife and daughters drop their appeal to the Compensation Committee of the Higher People's Court in Heilongjiang Province.

Parties involved in persecuting the family:

The 610 Office of Heilongjiang Province:
Guo Shengjun (郭胜军): +86-0451-82696481, +86-13804510380
Qu Weijian(曲伟健): +86-0451-82696180, +86-13384600133
Yi Zhigang (尹志刚), Jishantun Police Sub-bureau Director: +86-1362458500

Jishantun Politics and Legal Affairs Committee:
Tang Haijun (唐海军): +86-13845811527
Gong Fu (宫富): +86-13664581948
Han Shijun (韩世君): +86-13895938895
Qin Handong (秦汉东): +86-13766730827

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