My Experience Sharing

Shared at the 2014 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference

I started cultivating in late 1998. Looking back over the past 15 years of my Dafa cultivation, I deeply felt Master’s great compassion and the wonderful experience of constantly being elevated. I thank Master’s Dafa for changing and correcting my human selfish notions, slowly changing both my mind and my physical self, so that during Fa rectification I can selflessly help with sentient beings’ salvation, and walk the path of consummation as a true cultivator.

Before writing this experience sharing I thought, I still have a lot of human attachments that need to be removed, I haven’t cultivated well, forget it. However, along with daily Fa study and reading Minghui sharings, I realised that writing a sharing article isn’t about telling others what I’ve done, it’s about better communication with fellow practitioners to save ever more sentient beings, it’s about validating the Fa during the Fa rectification period, it’s about the manifestation of the Fa when one is in accordance with the Fa, and it’s about being selfless. After I corrected my thoughts, I decided to write down my experience of doing the ‘Three Things’, to report it to Master and to share it with everyone.

My experience sharing is based on Shen Yun 2013 and 2014 promotions.

In “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”, Master said: “I’ll tell you, for years I have been continually saying that Dafa disciples’ abilities are tremendous, yet many people don’t believe this since those abilities were not allowed to be seen. Under the effect of righteous thoughts, everything around you, as well as you yourself, will undergo changes. Yet you have never thought to give it a try.”

Master’s Fa touched me deeply. I thought that for years, Shen Yun ticket sales promotion in Paris hasn’t been very satisfactory; I had always thought that being among the whole group, if I had done my best then that would be it, but I didn’t really carry the thought of selflessness like how a god would. Master’s words awoke me, made me realise I am a Dafa disciple on the path to becoming a god, there shouldn’t be any difficulties that can stop the Lord Buddha’s disciples: I must remove all human notions to save sentient beings with righteous thoughts and let the theatre be filled with an audience who would be saved through watching Shen Yun. Having had this thought whilst sending righteous thoughts, I felt I became very big and my body was full of energy.

I devoted myself to Shen Yun ticket promotion. In order to let local French and Chinese people know Shen Yun is a world-class show and that it is different from the shows the CCP produced, I bought an iPad to introduce Shen Yun. Every day I would bring the iPad and Shen Yun leaflets with me when I went out. Predestined people would come to me; everywhere I went in my daily life were places I would help save sentient beings. Everything was so natural and all sentient beings were awaiting and expecting me. During this process I fully felt that Dafa disciples were the main actors in this big show.

The Fa will manifest if one lets go of notions

Once a woman I know rang me and asked me to accompany her to the hospital. When I was half way to the hospital, she rang and said she had read the time wrong, so she cancelled our meeting. At that time I was thinking: “I can’t return home; if I go back home, my time would be frittered away on household chores. Hospital doctors also need to watch Shen Yun.” I didn’t blame her; I thought it’s a good thing. So I went to the hospital. I saw there were seven to eight staff talking in a room; it seemed that they were on a break, so I went to greet them and passed on the Shen Yun leaflets to them. I noticed that everyone was looking at a senior doctor. I quickly walked over to him, opened my iPad and played the Shen Yun trailer for him and people around him. He said it was great after watching the trailer. I remembered I had two €79 tickets with me, so I said to him: “I have tickets with me right now.” “Follow me,” he said immediately, and he bought those two tickets. I was moved when I saw him so happy. I said in my heart: thank you, Master.

Master said in “What is a Dafa Disciple”: “When someone is placed before you, there isn’t a choice—you’re wrong if you become selective in terms of saving people. As long as he is someone you run into, you should save him, regardless of his position or social status, or whether he be the president or a beggar. In the eyes of gods, beings are equal. Social status is just a distinction made in human society.”

I remembered the evening of February 18, 2013, Taiwan's Culture Minister attended the “Taiwan-France Cultural Award” ceremony at the Institute of France in Paris. As a member of the media, I also attended. At the reception I saw that all the participants were of the French upper class. I thought, normally it’s not easy to find so many of the elite, today they are gathered together, what am I waiting for? Sentient beings were waiting for us. So, I naturally passed the message of Shen Yun to everyone while greeting and mingling with them. Some people even came over to me to ask for a Shen Yun leaflet. I knew it was Master’s compassion strengthening me. I thanked Master who had laid out this road for me to save people.

Selling advertising while promoting Shen Yun

Once, I contacted a client by phone in the 77th Province for advertising. I arrived on time at their restaurant. The owner was a woman over 40 years old. After we signed the contract and had a chat, I started introducing Shen Yun to her. Upon asking her to watch the show, she said immediately: “I can’t go, can’t go! People like us working in the restaurant don’t finish work until midnight every day; it’s so tiring, we won’t have time to watch shows. On the day off we’ll just sleep at home.” I smiled and said to her: “No worries, let me just show you the trailer.” Then I started playing it. She and her son came closer to watch it. After they finished watching, she said: “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” She asked me the price for the show, then she counted how many people would go and watch it. In the end she decided to meet me the following day at 10.30 am at Belleville to pay me for the tickets.

The next day I went there on time. After meeting her she insisted on having lunch with me. I couldn’t refuse her kind offer, so we went to a restaurant along with her aunty, who was a Christian. During lunch, her aunty mentioned this show was Falun Gong; she also said some hearsay which was an incorrect opinion towards Falun Gong. I remembered Master taught us to go along with an ordinary person’s attachments but to clarify the facts. So I wasn’t angry, waited until she finished, then smiled and said: “Aunty, you are a very kind-hearted person and direct.” Before I could finish, the client interrupted, saying: “Please don’t take it personally, my aunty has a quick tongue.” I said: “Not at all, actually I, myself, practise Falun Gong. Before, I always felt tired and weak. Since practising Falun Gong, I haven’t taken any tablets, I feel well physically and mentally.” The client said her health was poor currently. I said: “You can give it a try.” She said: “After I have sold my shop, when I have time, I’ll learn.” Her aunty didn’t say anything. Afterwards the client paid me for six €79 tickets over the table, and said to me many times: “Thank you, thank you.”

Do not miss the opportunity to save people around you, sentient beings are waiting

In “Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference”, Master told us: “Even when in your daily life you pass by people so quickly that you don't have a chance to talk to them, you should still leave them with your compassion and kindness. Don't lose those who should be saved, especially those with predestined connections.”

Over the years I kept what Master said in mind. Wherever I went I would help the Chinese people around me to quit the CCP. During the Shen Yun promotional period, I especially tried to pass the Shen Yun message to the French people. There were two cases I’d like to share with you.

Once when I took the subway, I saw a graceful lady who sat next to me. After a greeting, I wanted to give her a Shen Yun leaflet, but she didn’t take it. I thought: “It’s OK. You will change your mind after you learn more about it.” Indeed, after she watched the Shen Yun trailer I had shown her, she immediately smiled and said: “Wow, it’s great.” Then she asked for the leaflet and carefully put it in her bag. Afterwards, she told me frankly that she had seen some people leafleting outside the OPRA theatre when she watched a show, but she didn’t take the leaflet as she didn’t know it was a show of such beauty. Soon she was about to get off; she kept saying thank you before leaving.

Another time, on the subway, I played the Shen Yun trailer to a lady who sat next to me and afterwards she said with sincerity repeatedly: “It’s great.” She said she usually won’t take the subway, but today her son borrowed her car. She also said she often went to watch shows with her friends, and she will watch Shen Yun with her friends too.

Assisting Master to rectify the Fa with perseverance

Master said in “What is a Dafa Disciple”: “Dafa disciples go about their lives alongside ordinary people as part of the illusory ordinary society, and are really susceptible to drifting along with the tide in their way of thinking, at least in some regards. If you can’t manage to conduct yourselves according to Dafa when you do things, can’t manage to think things over with righteous thoughts, or are not on the Fa in dealing with problems, then you are an ordinary person. There isn’t any difference, then. Your appearance is ordinary, the setting in which you lead your life is ordinary, and your job is ordinary. Even if you are involved in Dafa disciples’ projects, in the heavens above there are no such things as television stations, nor do gods have newspapers. Those are forms in ordinary human society. If you don’t use righteous thoughts to guide yourself, and if you cannot manage to conduct yourself and look at the world and others according to the standard of a cultivator, like a Dafa disciple does, then you are the same as an ordinary person.”

Many people in Paris love arts. I remembered Master said that all lives came for the Fa. I thought, the true reason behind people watching shows today was to wait to watch Shen Yun in order to be saved. Therefore, for more than four months, except for doing other Dafa projects, I continued to distribute Shen Yun leaflets outside the theatres; quite often, as there was a shortage of manpower on Saturday and Sunday, I had to run to several theatres within one day. Many people would smoke or chat outside the theatre before the show started, so I had enough time to show them the Shen Yun trailer. Although some people didn’t take the leaflets, I didn’t want to give up. I tried my best to show them the trailer. As long as they watched the trailer, most of them would come to ask for a Shen Yun leaflet, and many would cherish it, put it in their pockets and say, see you soon.

I remember in 2013, one day in the afternoon, I went to Franconville in the 95th province to visit a client to sell advertising. After business, I saw there were many nice villas alongside the border of the city, so I began leafleting door to door. After a while, it started thundering and raining; I couldn’t help but stop leafleting. I wrote down the address. On Chinese New Year’s Eve afternoon, I called a fellow practitioner to come back there to leaflet. After walking a few steps, I suddenly felt my left foot was very painful, to the extent that walking one step was difficult and I felt a drilling pain. I realised I cannot accept what was happening while saving sentient beings. Master takes care of cultivators who have the state of mind of gods. So, holding back tears from flowing, I determinedly said to that foot: everything must obey what Master wants, saving sentient beings comes first. Then I desperately, uncompromisingly walked forwards, having one thought in my mind: to let sentient beings watch Shen Yun. The pain disintegrated. With heavy snow fall, even the snowflakes turned to water when they fell on us. After a few hours, our backpacks were empty. The sky became darker and darker; our shoes and coats were soaked through. However, seeing all the letterboxes filled with Shen Yun leaflets, thinking the theatre will be fully packed with audience members, a warm feeling swept through me.

I deeply felt Master’s immense grace; I am forever indebted. I can only repay Him through being diligent in cultivation, cultivating like when I first obtained the Fa, and doing my best with the ‘Three Things’.

Reflecting on the different aspects of my cultivation, I still have many human notions and attachments to rid, but I have a determination to cultivate better, to walk the final legs of the path well, to help save many more sentient beings, to reach consummation and to return home with Master.

The above is my personal experience sharing on saving sentient beings during the ticket promotions for Shen Yun. If there is anything inappropriate please point it out.

Finally, I’d like to share a paragraph taken from “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa” with all of you as an encouragement: “As for you, disciples of Dafa, the closer it gets to the end the better you should walk your paths, seizing the day to cultivate yourselves well. After doing a whole slew of things, you might find, if you look back upon them, that all of it was done with a human mindset. When it is a human being doing human things, and things are not being done with righteous thoughts, there won’t be any Dafa-disciple mighty virtue in those things. In other words, as gods see it, that’s just fooling around—not mighty virtue, or cultivation—even though you did do it. Then wouldn’t you say it was done in vain? You must study the Fa well, for that is the fundamental guarantee that you return to your position.”

Thank you all!

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