Japan: Practitioners Appeal in Front of the Parliament Building to Rescue Yoko Kaneko

Since March 10 2003, Falun Dafa practitioners in Japan have been appealing in front of the Japanese parliament building to appeal to the Japanese government and the entire Japanese community to help rescue Yoko Kaneko. Many practitioners came here to hand out newspapers, collect petition signatures and tell people the truth about Dafa and the Jiang regime's persecution. Several elderly Dafa practitioners come early every morning, hanging Dafa banners and remaining until the evening.

A large banner bearing the words SOS and appealing to the Japanese government to rescue Yoko Kaneko (who is illegally detained in China), attracted the attention of many people who come to the Parliament. Many Members of Parliament, officials and passersby accepted materials and signed their names to rescue Yoko Kaneko. We believe that this appeal will again rapidly spread the urgent message to rescue Yoko Kaneko throughout Japan.

For details of Yoko Kaneko's arrest please go Here

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