Ms. Yang Chunling Passes Away After Serving a Seven-Year Prison Term for Broadcasting the Nine Commentaries

Ms. Yang Chunling has been added to the list of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who have passed away due to being persecuted while imprisoned. Ms. Yang was tortured for seven years at the Liaoning Province Women's Prison. She passed away on April 2nd, 2014, at the age of 40.

Ms. Yang participated in broadcasting the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party1 via the Liaoyang County Cable Television Station in 2005. She was arrested and sentenced to a seven-year prison term in April 2006.

Guards reportedly ordered inmates to beat Ms. Yang, and as a result her right arm was broken, and she became paralyzed and unable to walk. To prevent her from crying out, inmates used packing tape to seal her mouth shut. She was deprived of sleep and beaten by the inmates when she closed her eyes. She was deprived of food and water, and not allowed to use the toilet.

She had become extremely weak by February 2007. Her body was low on iodine and potassium, and she had developed an irregular heartbeat.

Ms. Yang was diagnosed with three hard lumps in her breast during a physical examination before she left the prison on March 11th, 2013. After being released, her condition deteriorated. She passed away on April 2nd, 2014.

Ms. Yang's body was cremated at 6:00 a.m., on April 6th, 2014.

Ms. Yang's family was also greatly affected by the persecution. Ms. Yang's husband, Mr. Yang Benliang, was arrested at the same time his wife was arrested. He was later sentenced to eleven years in prison and his health deteriorated while incarcerated. Because he refused to renounce Falun Gong, family visits were denied for a long period of time.

Ms. Yang's mother-in-law, Ms. Cao Yuzhen, was arrested when she went to the Liaoyang Detention Centre to look for her son and daughter-in-law. She was sentenced to a nine-year prison term, and is currently being held in the No. 9 Ward of the Liaoning Province Women's Prison.

Summary of Key Persecution Facts:
Name: Yang Chunling (杨春玲)
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Address: Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Occupation : Unknown
Date of Death: April 2nd, 2014
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2005
Most Recent Place of Detention: Liaoning Province Woman's Prison (辽宁女子监狱 )
City: Shenyang
Province: Liaoning
Persecution Suffered : Sleep deprivation, beatings, imprisonment, torture, denial of toilet use, deprived of food and water


1. Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is a series of essays published in late 2004 that reveal the true nature of the Communist Party. The Nine Commentaries have led millions of people to renounce their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). "A book that has shocked all Chinese around the world. A book that is disintegrating the Communist Party."

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