Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Yang Naijian Tortured and Hung Up

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yang Naijian from Qingdao City, Shandong Province, disappeared after he was arrested by agents of the Chinese communist regime on May 2nd, 2013. A fellow detainee said that Mr. Yang was tortured and hung up for three days and nights in the detention centre and was now emaciated. Mr. Yang's family are very anxious about his safety.

Over 80 people from the local police station and public security bureau, acting on orders from the Qingdao 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong), broke into Mr. Yang Naijian's house in Xinugushan Village and arrested him, his parents, and over 10 relatives.

It was reported that the arrests targeted practitioners involved in taking pictures of torture techniques used in prisons, forced labour camps, and detention centres to document the persecution of Falun Gong.

The following describes what happened in Xinugushan Village on May 2nd, 2013:

1. The May 2nd Arrests

-Officers barge in

At 2 p.m. Mr. Yang Youxin, Mr. Yang Naijian's father, heard someone knocking at the door. When he opened it, a swarm of plainclothes agents attempted to barge into the house. Mr. Yang tried to hold them back, but one of the agents pushed him aside and said, “We're here from the city police department.”

Ms. Liu Xiuzhen, Mr. Yang Naijian's mother, was doing chores in the backyard. She had just finished preparing the food for the guests, who hadn't eaten yet. When she saw the agents running up the stairs and kicking the doors of her tenants, Ms. Liu yelled, “You're acting like bandits! What do you think you are doing here?” One of the agents who looked like he was in charge said, “Take her away!” The others ran over to her and started beating her. She had bruises all over her arms. They pushed her into the police van and took her away.

Other agents went next door to Ms. Liu Xiuzhen's sister's barbershop. They broke the glass door with an iron bar and gained access to Ms. Liu Xiuzhen's home and started arresting people.

-Mr. Yang Naijian tied up

Ms. Liu Xiuzhen's son, Mr. Yang Naijian, who was preparing to go to teach a class at the time of the arrest, was tied up with a rope that cut into his flesh.

The agents ransacked the Yang family household and took all their Falun Dafa books, MP3s, cassette players, DVDs, Mr. Yang Naijian's wallet, ID card, driver's licence, bank card (which had about $10,000 in the account), and cash.

-Mr. Yang Naijian's aunt recognised one agent

On the day of the arrests, one of Mr. Yang Naijian's aunts, Ms. Liu Xiufang, had come to visit her oldest sister, Ms. Liu Xiuzhen, at her house. When the agents broke, they started pushing her around and hitting her, bruising her arms.

Amidst the chaos Ms. Liu Xiufang recognised the agent giving instructions. She had seen him in Dongshan Botanical Gardens at about 9 a.m. that morning. Ms. Liu Xiufang believed the arrests were premeditated.

The agents arrested Ms. Liu Xiufang; her husband, Mr. Jiang Dunsheng; her son; and daughter-in-law and took them to Liutingnugushan Border Police Station.

-Another of Mr. Yang Naijian's aunts, Ms. Liu Xiuzhi, was kicked

Mr. Yang Naijian's third aunt, Ms. Liu Xiuzhi, and her husband went to see her mother on the day of arrest.

After the agents broke into Ms. Liu Xiuzhen's house, they tried to take Ms. Liu Xiufang's son, Mr. Jiang Yongyong (who is a non-practitioner). In protest her niece Ms. Liu Xiuzhi tried to stop the arrest. One of the agents grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her back, and then kicked her from behind. Ms. Liu Xiuzhi's hand swelled up and ached.

-Mr. Yang Naijian's grandmother was yanked away

Meanwhile Ms. Liu Xiuzhi's 78-year-old mother, Ms. Han Zhengmei, also tried to stop the arrest. Deputy captain Li Bin grabbed her by her hands and dragged her 200 meters away, ripping her clothes and bruising her arms. Her legs and buttocks swelled up.

The brutal, unwarranted arrests aroused public indignation. When Ms. Han's daughter-in-law went to pick her from the ground, she also got arrested.

-15 people arrested

People in Xinugushan Village were wantonly arrested. Even shop employees in the area were intimidated and forbidden to move around and closely monitored.
Those arrested at Mr. Yang Naijian's home that day included: Mr. Yang Naijian; his parents (Mr. Yang Youxin and Ms. Liu Xiuzhen); his second aunt, Ms. Liu Xiufang, and her husband, Mr. Jiang Dunsheng, and their son, Mr. Jiang Yongyong; Mr. Yang Naijian's third aunt, Ms. Liu Xiuzhi, and her husband, Mr. Yuan Shaohua; Mr. Yang Naijian's 78-year-old grandmother, Ms. Han Zhengmei; the wife of Mr. Yang Naijian's uncle, Ms. Wang Cuiju; Mr. Yang Naijian's other relative, Mr. Sheng Xiangbo; and the Yang family's guests, four Falun Gong practitioners Lu Xueqin, Cui Luning, Li Hao, and Feng Hua.

2. Aftermath of the Arrests

-Ms. Liu Xiufang and her family detained

The agents arrested Ms. Liu Xiufang and her family (husband Mr. Jiang Dunsheng, son Mr. Jiang Yongyong, and daughter-in-law) and took them to Liuting Border Police Station. When the agents ordered Ms. Liu to sit on a chair with a pair of shackles affixed to it, Ms. Liu said, “I am not a criminal. I won't sit there.”

Ms. Liu Xiufang's son and daughter-in-law were released the same day they were arrested.

Ms. Liu Xiufang's husband, Mr. Jiang Dunsheng, was taken to a cold cell and held for 24 hours. The agents warned him, “If you don't answer our questions, we will send you to the detention centre.” The agents extorted $5,000 from his family before releasing him.

Mr. Jiang Dunsheng was summoned by the agents on May 14th and 22nd after he was released and held in a police station for another 24 hours.

-Ms. Han Zhengmei's legs injured

Ms. Han Zhengmei's legs were injured when she was dragged away and hadn't recovered as of June. She needs to stay close to heat to alleviate the pain.

-Ms. Liu Xiuzhi held for 2 days

After Ms. Liu Xiuzhi and her mother were taken to the police station, the agents ordered them to squat. Ms. Liu Xiuzhi refused to cooperate and said, “We are not criminals. Why should we squat?” When one of the agents asked her her name, Ms. Liu Xiuzhi said, “Falun Gong practitioner!” He asked her again. Ms. Liu Xiuzhi said, “I don't know.” She was sent to a closed cell and detained for two days and nights.

One of the agents attempted to take a picture of Ms. Liu Xiuzhi. When she refused to cooperate, he said, “If you don't want me to take your photo, leave your fingerprints.” Ms. Liu Xiuzhi said, “I am not a criminal. Why should I give you my fingerprints?” He approached her, and Ms. Liu Xiuzhi said loudly, “What do you want? Don't you touch me! Open that door! I will tell all my relatives how you have treated me. Good and evil will receive their dues.” Ms. Liu Xiuzhi was detained for two days and nights.

The agents took Ms. Liu Xiuzhen, Ms. Liu Xiufang, and Ms. Liu Xiuzhi to Haici Hospital for a checkup and then took them back to the police station. The agents extorted $5,000 from Ms. Liu Xiuzhe and Ms. Liu Xiufang before releasing them on May 4th.

-Mr. Yuan Shaohua detained in the police station despite ill health

Agents from the Shuiqinggou Police Station on Nanfeng Road arrested Mr. Yuan Shaohua. Even though he had high blood pressure (which reached to 270), he was still taken to the Pudong Town First Detention Centre in Jimo.

They ransacked his house and confiscated his son Yuan Yang's computer on May 3rd, at 11 a.m. They warned Yuan Yang, “Do you know your father is in our custody? Have you ever tasted electric shock? Should I let you taste it now?” Yuan Yang said, “I am not a bad person. Why should you shock me?” Yuan Yang was traumatised by the threat and didn't dare to return home at night.

Ms. Liu Xiuzhi found out her that husband, Mr. Yuan Shaohua, was sent to Pudong Town First Detention Centre after she returned home. She is very concerned about him.

Because Ms. Liu Xiuzhi and her husband's property (driver's licenses, ID cards, an F3 Audi worth $70,000), debit cards, shopping cards, and cash ($1,300) had confiscated, she had no money left and had to borrow money just to pay their bills. Ms. Liu Xiuzhi, her son, and mother-in-law went to the Shuiqinggou Police Station to reclaim their belongings, but to no avail.

Ms. Liu Xiuzhi, her son, and nephew again went to Nugushan Border Police Station to demand the return of her personal items. Agent Sheng Shihui said, “I am processing it now. I'll return everything to you after I finish.” She asked him, “Who gave you the right to confiscate my private property?” Sheng said, “We have no right, but I must finish processing your case before returning them to you.” Another agent asked, “Who gives you the right to practise Falun Gong?” Ms. Liu Xiuzhi said, “Practising Falun Gong is a legitimate right for all citizens. We all have religious freedom.” Ms. Liu and her son went back to Chengyang Branch Public Security Bureau in the afternoon to ask for the return of their personal belongings, but were not successful.

-Ms. Liu Xiuzhen detained

Mr. Yang Naijian's mother, Ms. Liu Xiuzhen, was beaten when she was arrested on May 2nd, causing bruises all over her arms. She was subsequently taken to Nugushan Border Police Station and kept there after a physical. She was later transferred to the Pudong Town Third Detention Centre in Jimo, Qingdao City.

-Mr. Yang Youxin summoned several times

Mr. Yang Youxin was taken to the Liuting Border Police Station on the day of the arrest and soon released. However, he was repeatedly summoned by the Qingdao Chengyang Branch Public Security Bureau, Domestic Security Division, Liuting Police Station, and Liuting Order Police Station.

Several agents from the Qingdao Chengyang Branch Police Station broke into Mr. Yang Youxin's house to get him to sign a document on May 13th. He wasn't home at the time.

Four agents from the Nigushan Border Police Station intruded into Ms. Yang Youxin's son's house and warned his family on May 14th: “Tell Yang Youxin to stop by the police station. I'll give you 2 days or I'll start arresting every one of you.”

After the agents left they went directly to Mr. Yang Youxin's factory to find him. They harassed the employees and didn't allow them to make phone calls or move around. They took Mr. Yang Youxin's time card and left.

Mr. Yang Youxin went to Liuting Border Police Station on May 15th at 9 a.m. Agent Zhao Liang asked him about the torture reenactment photos. Agent Li Jianguo from Xiazhuang Police Station started cursing Mr. Yang. They extorted $5,000 from the Yang family before releasing him.

Agent Zhao Liang from the Liuting Border Police Station and another agent from the Chengyang Public Security Bureau went to Mr. Yang Youxin's factory and took him to the police station on May 24th at 8 a.m. Captain Wang Mingjie interrogated Mr. Yang about the torture re-enactment photos. They released him at 6 p.m, that day, and ordered him to return to the Liuting Police Station the following day.

Mr. Yang Youxin went to the Liuting Border Police Station on May 25th, at 8 a.m. Sun Wei, captain of Liuting Border Police Station, and agent Zhao Liang drove Mr. Yang to Liuting Police Station. Yang Jun, instructor of the Domestic Security Division and Sun Qingsong, deputy captain of Liuting Police Station, questioned Mr. Yang Youxin about his son, Mr. Yang Naijian. They released him at 11a.m.

-Mr. Yang Naijian tortured in detention

Mr. Yang Naijian was transferred to the Chengyang Police Station of Xifu Town following his arrest on May 2.

Mr. Yang Naijian is known for his kindness. He loved to help people. He was a great teacher and loved by his students who had good grades. He treated his students very well. His students' parents also spoke highly of him. His students and their parents were shocked and in disbelief after he was arrested. They hoped Mr. Yang would come back to them soon.

Mr. Yang's kindness also touched the heart of his fellow detainee in the detention centre. The information that he was severely tortured and hung up for three days and nights came from his fellow detainee.

3. The Communist Regime Does Not Want the World to Know How Evil It is

Of all the practitioners arrested on May 2nd, 8 of them are still being held: Mr. Yang Naijian is in Chengyang District Detention Centre in Qingdao City; Lu Xueqin, Cui Luning, Yuau Shaohua, Li Hao, and Feng Hua are held in Qingdao Third Detention Centre; and Ms. Liu Xiuzhen is in in Pudong Town First Detention Centre in Jumo. Practitioner Wang Taojing, who was arrested at home, was transferred to Pudong Town Detention Centre in Jimo from the brainwashing centre.

The Chinese communist regime is extremely fearful that people will discover just how evil it really. To prevent Falun Gong practitioners' lawyers from defending them, the authorities changed their charges against practitioners from “using a cult to undermine the enforcement of the law” to “leaking state secrets and subverting state power.” Ms. Lu Xueqin's family hired a lawyer to defend her. When her lawyer went to see her in the detention centre, he was denied entry. The lawyers hired for Cui Luning, Yang Naijian, Liu Xiuzhen, and Li Hao experienced the same difficulty. The excuse the agents used to fend off practitioners' lawyers was, “They leaked state secrets.”

The truth is the truth. Regardless of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) struggles to conceal its persecution of Falun Gong, it is futile. It cannot cover up the facts of its crimes of genocide. The CCP's days are numbered.

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