School Teacher Mr. Wang Linkai Sentenced to One Year of Forced Labour for Because of a Poem Posted on His Door

Mr. Wang Linkai, an elementary school teacher, posted a poem on the front door of his home in Wafangdian City, Dalian City, during the 2012 Chinese New Year. The characters on the poem read:

“The Sun and Moon Illuminate Heaven and Earth with Auspicious Light, Heaven and Earth are Bright Again with Favourable Circumstances.”

Officers from Wafangdian City Police Department arrested Mr. Wang Linkai on July 6th, while he was in school. Mr. Wang's mother also saw some police officers climb over their wall and enter Mr. Wang's home. They forcibly took away a computer, MP3 player and other personal belongings.

After Mr. Wang was taken to Wafangdian City Detention Centre, the police examined the items taken from his home, but they could not find evidence that they could use to incriminate Mr. Wang. They then targeted the poem posted on the door of Mr. Wang's home. The police claimed that the content of the poem disturbed the social order, and then sentenced Mr. Wang to one year in a forced labour camp.

Mr. Wang's family has hired a lawyer for his appeal.

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