We Should Study the Fa with Our Hearts and It Should Not Become a Formality

I've noticed for a long time that practitioners have been treating Fa study as a formality. Although practitioners have previously shared about the issue, some have neglected the problem. I'd like to discuss the matter from a different angle and from my personal observations and understanding.

There are several elderly practitioners in our Fa study group. One day after we finished reading Chapter Four of Zhuan Falun, I asked an elderly practitioner the meaning of “guanding.” He did not know. I asked another elderly practitioner, and she said, “'Guanding' means Master is 'adding higher gong' to ours.” I was quite disturbed by their responses. I could not understand why, after so many years of cultivation, reading and listening to Zhuan Falun countless times, veteran practitioners still have not grasped the most surface, basic understandings of the Fa principles.

I have joined other Fa study groups, shared with them in this regard, and found out that quite a few practitioners had the same problem. They were still confused about the basic Fa principles after many years of reading Zhuan Falun. Some young practitioners as well elderly veteran practitioners still didn't know the two main reasons “Why Doesn't Your Gong Increase with Your Practice?” [Editor's Note: Another situation is that, although practitioners superficially read the words, they fail to understand with their heart. In other words, they have understood the superficial meaning of the words, but have failed to use the Fa principles as the guide to find their attachments and cultivate their hearts. They merely treat the principles as “knowledge.” But “knowing” is not the same as “cultivating.” Many ordinary people have read Dafa books and some can even repeat a portion of the content of the books, but they use the principles to examine others and not themselves, and that is not cultivation.]

I realize this is a serious problem in cultivation. From my own experience, I think the following is the main cause of the problem: Many practitioners think that studying the Fa is the easiest of the three things. I think it is the hardest. The reason why practitioners think it's easy is probably because they are not really “learning” the Fa and are merely reading the Fa mechanically. Their minds are not focused on the Fa and on cultivating their hearts.

What is so difficult about learning the Fa? I think it all depends on whether our minds can be calm when reading the Fa, whether we are in a correct state of mind, and what purpose we hold in our minds when we read the Fa.

We all know that when we study the Fa, that notions, thought karma, and external factors often interfere. Whether we can withstand these disturbances depends on how strong our righteous thoughts are when reading the Fa. Thus, it is important that our primordial spirits and righteous thoughts are strong, and we need to ensure that we know what we are reading and the surface meaning of the words we are reading. I get different feelings when I listen to other practitioners reading the Fa. Some are quite fluent and skilled, but their readings are “pointless” and “casual.” Whereas others' readings are down to earth, steady, and soothing. Why is that? The difference lies in where their “heart” is. The former group merely reads the Fa as a formality. The latter group uses the “heart” to learn the Fa. Whether we study the Fa on our own or with a group, we should learn it with our “hearts,” and not use our “mouths” to read, or our “eyes” to see.

I also notice that some practitioners do not like to read Zhuan Falun. After reading the book so many times, they are unable see more inner meanings of the Fa. They are very familiar with the surface meaning of the words and, thus, are reluctant to read more. In my opinion, if we are unable to understand the inner meanings of the Fa after studying it for so many years, then shouldn't we look inward to find out why we are unable to see the meanings? And why can others see the meanings? I think the main reason is that we are not studying the Fa with our “hearts.” Another reason is that in order to do the three things well, the Fa has set high standards for us to reach.

I suggest that elderly practitioners study the Fa earnestly. No matter how much we study, we need to be clear about what we are learning. Do not pretend to understand if you do not even know the surface meaning of the Fa principles. That will only hold you back more.

In fact, studying the Fa well is part of our cultivation. Studying the Fa well helps us upgrade our xinxing level, eliminate the bad elements, and save sentient beings. Let us study the Fa well and walk the final path well. Thank you, fellow practitioners! Heshi.

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