Truly Believe and Practise Genuine Cultivation

I am a new practitioner. I started Dafa cultivation just over a year ago. During the past year I have walked on the path of validating the Fa. Today I am more and more convinced that the upcoming revealing of the truth will be extremely shocking. Thus I would like to share with fellow practitioners my experiences of clarifying the truth and validating the Fa as well as my current enlightenment on the truth at different levels. These truths also encouraged me to re-energise when I am tired, to firmly walk on the path of cultivation, to save as many sentient beings as possible and to establish my own mighty virtue. Before the spectacular scene of the final drama unfolds, I want to strive to do well in three things and help Master in the Fa-rectification.

After I started Dafa cultivation I realised that my true Master and Fa is right here. Having grown up in a Christian family, it is easier for me to embrace faith whole-heartedly. Regardless of how shallow my understanding of Dafa is, I simply accept Master, completely believe in Master, this great Dafa taught by Master and whatever Master says. I would do whatever Master asks me to do. Although sometimes countless “whys” come out of my mind and make me doubt my decision, I am very aware from my heart that only a pure heart without intent would quickly bring me truly closer to Master and Dafa. I let myself ignore these “whys” because I know the answers would only come naturally without seeking them.

When I saw the brutal torture suffered by Falun Gong practitioners on the Minghui website, I couldn’t stop my tears. I was so ashamed that for so long I didn’t try to find out the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. I felt heartbreak that at this day and age so many people are apathetic to such terrible evil. At the same time I also felt that many bad substances that had accumulated inside me over a long period were cleansed by this shocking realisation. After knowing the truth, I felt my heart become more clear and pure. My heart capacity also became larger. I told myself that I would do something for these innocent kind people. I would tell more kind-hearted people the hardship being suffered by Falun Gong practitioners and hope more people’s hearts would become clearer like mine.

Master says in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference 2003: “Dafa disciples must do the three things well. About telling the truth to the ordinary people, Master said: “While you're clarifying here, layers upon layers of your bodies that have completed cultivation are also clarifying at cosmic bodies of different levels. You have to expose the persecution and the evil drama, and you have to let the world's people see it clearly, and this too suppresses it and eliminates it. Clarifying the facts is most powerful, and it's an act of grand compassion since this persecution is completely based on lies and deception.”

When clarifying the truth to visitors at tourist attractions, initially I found it difficult to open my mouth and was hesitant in talking to people. But soon with more Fa-study, I became clearer about the Fa principles and completely understood why we need to clarify the truth to people. I felt that I got purified myself every time I talked to visitors. The poisonous elements in my body were also being eliminated. Every one of our righteous thoughts and righteous actions is enhanced and protected by Master. It also purifies each of our cells. “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” The most important thing is to assist Master in Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. All these are achieved through clarifying the truth to sentient beings.

I found that when I talk to people with a very determined and clear mind, those sceptical visitors, though they may still have doubts, would change their attitude. When I explained to them further, most of them would accept the truth. Some of them would immediately agree to do the three withdrawals. The status of our mind is particularly important. With a compassionate heart, talking rationally and calmly, the best results can be achieved. We have to pay attention to people’s reactions. We can’t just speak in our own way without paying attention to people’s feelings or we will lose the opportunity to communicate with people who have doubts and misconceptions. It may lead them to commit the sin of slandering Dafa because their thoughts are not righteous. Therefore we must talk to people with a compassionate heart, always be tolerant to people at any time and place. Even if people make rude remarks, we still can dissolve their hostility by compassion. I feel most sorry to these people who deliberately avoid the truth. They are filled with misconceptions and arrogance, thus losing the chance of being purified and getting into the new universe.

In fact clarifying the truth is not just to let people know the frightening and terrifying tragedy. It’s not to scare people with bloody facts. We are not simply seeking sympathy and support. Truth can awake people’s conscience. Truth can help people to clean up their hearts that have been poisoned and blinded by lies. It can awaken people’s long forgotten passion and desire to return. Through the truth, people can see the root cause of the persecution and have profound reflection on the path of human civilisation.

Clarifying the truth is also to correct people’s hearts. Through the persecution happening today, people can reflect and see how human morality has declined to such extent. Everyone has played a part in this moral declination, knowingly or unknowingly. When the truth is revealed, it will be the moment the final decisive battle between good and evil is over. Most importantly it will be the moment the evil is completely defeated and destroyed. Thus letting more people know the truth before that moment is the greatest compassion. As Master says: “Our clarifying the truth to people, we are actively eliminating the demons instead of condoning or passively enduring; but our thoughts and actions must be benevolent.”

During the course of clarifying the truth, we have to widely distribute Nine commentaries. It vividly reveals the evil nature of the Communist Party, thoroughly exposing the demon’s changeable faces. Understanding this book helps people completely escape the evil Communist control. Because this is the power of the truth, it connects the kindness in people’s hearts to the origin of the universe. The light of truth in the universe can see through all the excuses of the evil Party, breaking its cunning, hypocritical and ever-changing vicious lies. It helps more and more Chinese people and the whole world to know its evil nature, making it completely lose its vast surviving space in Mainland China. To Chinese practitioners who have long lived in this same material space, especially practitioners who grew up in China, deeply understanding the inner meaning of the Nine Commentaries is of great significance. It can greatly purify our space field, purify every cell in our body and make our truth clarification more powerful.

People must make a choice in front of the naked truth: they must choose between following and cooperating with the evil or breaking the evil’s embracement and returning to the clear spring of good. If the greatest happiness for human beings is to be able to make a choice, then the most unfortunate thing for them is to make a wrong choice for the major event. So clarifying the truth is to plainly point out to people evil and good. Thus everyone is given the opportunity to make the right choice.

Through clarifying the truth to ordinary people and studying Fa, I also enlightened that Master has also been clarifying the truth – layers upon layers of universal truth about life, time-space and the human body.

The thirst for the truth is actually the fundamental desire of life. It is the umbilical cord connecting us to the universe. The truth nourishes us. The more I understand the truth, the more I am motivated to walk on the path of true cultivation and consummation. Lives are all coming for the Fa. Fa is the fundamental truth of the universe. We would be able to see the true scene of various levels if we came to understand the Fa principle of that level.

Master said in 20th Anniversary Fa Teaching: “It is a human notion that wherever a person can plant his foot on the Earth, that’s what the ground is, and an open space that a person can’t stand on is not the ground. But that’s not how gods see it. To them, everything composed of molecules is the ground, or is soil.”

The function of soil is to bury. We are buried in the opposite principles in the three realms: buried in sentimentality (a very dense substance), buried in various ordinary people’s desires. We forget that living is suffering. Our human body is precisely the obstacle preventing us from understanding higher-level Fa principles. Like myself, sometimes because of some small attachments such as the attachment to food and sentimentality, my cultivation status is affected. Thinking about it, I am really ashamed.

The final moment when the truth is revealed is coming soon. Fellow practitioners who are not doing well, please quickly adjust your status and grasp the final chance!

My understanding and enlightenment are limited; please kindly point out to me anything that is improper or incorrect.

Thank you Master, thank you fellow practitioners.

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