Cultivating Well While Making Phone Calls to Save Sentient Beings

Dear Master! Dear Fellow Practitioners!

I obtained the Fa in October 1997. Nearly 2 years into my cultivation, on the 20th of July 1999, the evil CCP began to openly persecute Falun Gong. Our cultivation environment was destroyed. My husband and I were repeatedly illegally detained, sent to labour camps, and even sentenced because we appealed for Master and for Dafa. In 2005 we left mainland China for Thailand, and came to Norway in early 2006.

Since arriving in Norway, I started calling police in order to reduce pressure on the detained fellow practitioners. Later I joined the telephone platform to urge people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. One year ago I joined telephone platform to rescue fellow practitioners, calling the judiciary and 610 Office to rescue the detained and save the persecuted. Making phone calls became the main form of my day-to-day truth clarification and cultivation. In this process, I felt Master’s benevolent salvation of a disciple. Through comparison with fellow practitioners, I let go of many human attachments.

Experience on the quitting the CCP platform laid a firm foundation for me to make rescue phone calls. At the quitting the CCP platform, what impressed me most was Taiwanese practitioners’ peaceful and kind tone, which allowed me to see my gaps. When I first started making phone calls, I relied on aggressiveness. When the police on the other end of the line used abusive language about Master and Dafa, my human attachments would surface. The police were loud, I was even louder. I thought my voice must be louder than the police for them to hear the truth. At that time, I did not consider the effect of truth clarification. As long as I said what I wanted to say, I considered the task completed.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference, “Even though it was the old forces that arranged this vile persecution, it is nonetheless on account of Dafa disciples that the Chinese people have endured such disgrace and suffering. So from that perspective, shouldn't you go and save them? Shouldn't Dafa disciples open their hearts wide? Aren't even those who carry out the persecution, with the exception of the head of the evil, themselves targeted by the persecution?” These words of Master touched my heart. I found my attachment of being competitive and resentment against the police.

I realized that I must improve my personal cultivation. I knew that competitiveness was rooted in the party culture. I began to make efforts in reading the "Nine Commentaries" and "The Disintegration of the Party Culture", consciously getting rid of party culture elements. I sent forth righteous thoughts to completely deny any arrangements the old forces imposed on me. I could feel the evident disintegration of my own rotten substances. In personal cultivation, I asked myself to look inward when going through conflicts. At first I got angry whenever I heard criticism from fellow practitioners, I was simply unwilling to look inward. Later I refrained from rebuttals, holding back tears, and looked inward with a heart felt wronged. Sometimes when I felt really terrible, I started studying the Fa, calming my mind. Whenever I could truly study the Fa without human attachments, I felt as if I returned home, back to Master’s side. I felt happy and safe.

Calming down enabled me to find my problems. Gradually, I sensed my true self, my kind nature was slowly revealed. Through Fa study, character improvement and letting go of the party culture, whenever I gained better understanding of fellow practitioners, my attachment to complaining and competitiveness weakened. At this point, a fellow practitioner suggested that I try the rescue platform to make phone calls to rescue detained fellow practitioners.

The first time I made rescue phone calls, three policemen quit the CCP. Two policemen promised to report the crimes of the persecution of Falun Gong to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong. I enlightened that it was Master’s hint and encouragement for me to join the platform. The next day I officially joined the rescue platform.

When making calls on the platform, cooperation among practitioners is very important. When one practitioner calls police at prison, other practitioners send forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil behind the police. I can feel the very powerful energy field when making a call. On this platform I see fellow practitioners not moved at all by abusive police, continuing to clarify the truth rationally to sentient beings. Some policemen yelled ferociously in the beginning. Under the righteous support from fellow practitioners, they slowly stopped cursing and finally were able to quietly listen to the truth. I made rapid progress making phone calls along with fellow practitioners and my compassion grew.

Along with compassion, my patience has also increased. When making calls on the rescue platform, sometimes there is no answer. I would continue to ring till the call is answered. Once I dialed more than seventy times before someone picked up finally and listened to the whole truth.

In the process of calling, I also found another reason why emotions are likely to be aroused. That is the attachment to sentimentality, not being able to let go of love for my daughter, being attached to the cultivation state of family members, dissatisfaction with fellow practitioners, and so on. This sentimentality troubled me for a long time. Once I shared this issue with a practitioner on the platform. The practitioner told me his experience in letting go of the attachment to sentimentality. He said: "Behind sentimentality is selfishness. Not letting go of selfishness may make the situation worse, which in fact harms others." I realized that my loved ones are individual lives. I do not have the final say. As a cultivator, I must let go of sentimentality.

Here I would like to share with you a magical experience of sending forth righteous thoughts. When I was illegally detained for the last time, I learned the Fa on righteous thoughts. The evil police penalized me and made me sit facing the wall every day. When I sat there I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear the dark minions, rotten spectres and evil CCP spirits of labour camps, without a shred of distraction in my mind. I undoubtedly felt Master's reinforcement, as if I was a mountain each time I sent righteous thoughts. In such a way I faced the wall a dozen hours a day, sending forth righteous thoughts. I felt neither tired nor hungry. One day, the white wall turned into a rose-colored house, in which a cultivator sat in meditation. This state lasted for many days. In those days I saw that scene with my eyes open as well as closed.

During each day’s righteous thoughts, I started cleaning the home of the evil CCP spirits in Beijing. Then I cleared the evil factors that manipulated the provincial and municipal public security, judiciary, prisons, labour camps, and brainwashing centres. Finally I cleared the old forces, dark minions, rotten spectres and evil CCP spirits that controlled the director, secretary, team leaders, evil police, and guards in each room of the labour camp where I was detained. I just felt time was not enough then.

After about twenty days, one day suddenly a policeman told me: "Considering your health conditions, we give you medical parole." Originally the labour camp increased my term there because I did not convert. In this way they ended up releasing me a few months earlier. It was not until I arrived in Norway that I realized this was the power of righteous thoughts, like Master said in Hong Yin (Volume II) “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide.”

With personal experience of the power of righteous thoughts, I attach great importance to sending forth righteous thoughts. I joined the efforts to send forth righteous thoughts for the Eutelsat event, for the Flushing event, and now for the promotion of Shen Yun. I posted all Master’s lectures about sending forth righteous thoughts on several calling platforms to remind fellow practitioners.

But in the course of calling, human attachments would come out. For a period of time, I received a lot of praise because several calls achieved very good results. With compliments, my attachment to complacency grew unconsciously. The phone calls that followed did not have very good effects. Distractions came into mind when sending forth righteous thoughts. At that time, I became aware that I needed to improve my character.

During cultivation, whenever I enlightened to a little bit of Fa and wanted to be diligent, there would be a character test. Recently I got into conflicts with fellow practitioners five times in a row. When in conflicts I always felt I was in the right. It was not until the last time when I found the attachment of not wanting to be criticized.

The next day, I happened to study Master’s Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference. In the lecture Master said, “Bringing up these things is not to say that some students can’t keep up with things or that they are dim-witted. What it is, is that some people’s thinking is being interfered with by the evil party’s factors—the evil party’s factors are having an effect. In the midst of the party culture that was created by the evil, those people’s thoughts that would enable them to see it clearly for what it is have been muddled. That warped culture was formed through its being purposefully instilled in you since elementary school, then high school, and all the way up to adulthood, and it started even as far back as when you started to learn and remember things. In other words, nowadays everyone in Mainland China is thinking in the evil-party-culture’s way.”

Master’s law body helped me find within myself the kind of “I am always right” factors inherent in party culture. I also found that behind the attachment to compliments were attachments to fame, profit and sentimentality. These bad substances made me focused on what was on the surface rather than my human attachments. When I considered myself correct, the evil would reinforce this concept, making me think I was. The purpose of the evil was to prevent me from getting rid of this attachment. After I found this attachment, I was determined to get rid of it, not letting it stay for a single moment in my dimensional field. Since then, I could again be still when sending forth righteous thoughts, my prejudice against fellow practitioners was eliminated, and my phone calls also became more stable.

I make phone calls with the following mentality: Dafa disciples are here to save sentient beings, not to be detained. We do not accept the so-called tests of the old forces. The Three Realms were created for Fa rectification. No life can stop me from assisting Master during Fa rectification to save sentient beings. I know that the universe is full of positive factors. As long as our thoughts are righteous and our hearts are saving people, the heavenly guards Master prepared for us will defend the Fa, along with Master's law body looking after us. When I genuinely care about others, they will understand the truth. Here I would like to give two examples of phone calls.

Once I called the director of the 610 Office at the brainwashing centre in a big city. After the call was connected, I told him I was calling from overseas. I knew there was a practitioner detained there. He asked what my relationship with the fellow practitioner was and I said to him: "It’s my family. Hurray up and let her go." Next, I said when people have no virtue, natural and man-made disasters follow. Everyone is a victim. Human beings are helpless in the face of nature. I also told him that Darwin's theory of evolution does not exist. Humans did not evolve from monkeys. I also told him the story of Noah's ark. At this point he began to talk, saying he believed in Buddhism.

I said: "Buddhism teaches people to do good deeds and accumulate virtue. It does not teach you to persecute good people. Are you a true believer? If you really believe good is rewarded and evil is punished, you would hurry up and release that Falun Gong practitioner. You would also let go of all the Falun Gong practitioners in the brainwashing centre. Do not do these wicked things, which will harm you. We Falun Gong practitioners cultivate a Buddhist school. We are saving you. I see that you still have kindness in your heart. You would only have a beautiful future if you choose to be kind." Afterwards he said nothing. A few days later, I got the message that the fellow practitioner came home.

Early July this year, a Hong Kong practitioner called me. Since the 10th of June, the Political and Legal Committee controlled by Zhou Yongkang sent a lot of hooligans to Hong Kong. They attempted to sabotage several significant points of truth clarification in Hong Kong. Around the outside of the Luo Ma Zhou truth clarification point, they hung a lot of banners to slander Dafa. They also used a loudspeaker to play propaganda to defame Dafa. They wanted to poison the passer-bys that pass through every day, among whom tens of thousands were Chinese tourists. The Hong Kong practitioner wanted me to call a policeman sent by the CCP.

We decided we must not allow them to harm sentient beings like that. The evil banners must come off and the loudspeaker must stop. I first sent forth righteous thoughts to clean up that dimensional field. After the phone was answered, I directly called his name, solemnly telling him not to slander Dafa or our Master. In the beginning, he spoke glibly: "You have your beliefs and I have my faith. I want to earn money to support my family.”

I told him if he aids the evil to do bad things, he would face three punishments: “Firstly, the international community has categorized the persecution of Falun Gong as a crime of genocide. The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong will track down all those involved in the persecution. All persecution cases through thirteen years will be investigated and verified to each individual. You can not escape the punishment of international law. Secondly, the persecution of Falun Gong is a violation of the Chinese Constitution. At present the faction who owes blood debt in the persecution of Falun Gong is losing power. In the future, you can not escape domestic justice. Thirdly, good is rewarded and evil is punished. Falun Gong practitioners have been clarifying the truth for thirteen years to save people. If in the future a lot of people can not learn the truth to escape disaster because of your participation in the persecution, you will have to bear the responsibility. More than twenty thousand people in the 610 Office and the public security and judiciary system have died of retribution. You can not escape the punishment of heaven’s justice.”

After listening for more than 40 minutes, he said he believed in retribution and also promised to protect Falun Gong practitioners in the future. I said to him: “Tomorrow the banners that slander Dafa and the loudspeaker that spreads poison must not appear again!” He did not say a word. The next day, he saw that the slanderous banners disappeared overnight. As it turned out, in the middle of that night, without any forecast, a strong hurricane unseen for thirteen years hit. The hurricane and rainstorm came and went, cleaning up all the evil banners. The policeman said to fellow Hong Kong practitioners: "Retribution! That is indeed retribution!" He also told practitioners in Hong Kong that he believed Falun Gong practitioners’ words were true.

During those days, practitioners on the calling platform and local practitioners had been sending forth righteous thoughts. The overall co-ordination shored up the power of Dafa. This is really "When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide!” Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master. Master saw that we had the wish to save people and helped us.

I cherish our calling platform. After making phone calls each day, everyone studies the Fa together and sincerely shares cultivation experience. In the process of making phone calls to save people, each practitioner plays to his or her own strength like deities with various powers. In this environment, my human attachments are constantly being exposed, continuously being eliminated. My character keeps improving and the effect of saving people gets better and better.

The above are my cultivation experiences in the process of making phone calls. Please kindly point out anything not in the Fa.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

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