My Cultivation is looked after by Master

Dear Venerable Master, Hello fellow practitioners

1. Reciting the Fa makes me understand who I am

“Between the boundless heaven and earth, who am I?
I don’t remember how many lifetimes I’ve been through
Amidst hardships, helpless confusion
My heart, awaiting, so weary
Weather-beaten, I shed tears at night
Until the moment I saw the Truth
Until I sought and obtained the Dafa
Which pierced the ears like thunder
I came to understand who I am
And realized I should hasten my steps on the divine path” (Hong Yin III)

In this poem, Master told me who I am. I am a Dafa disciple. My mission is doing the three things well. I came for the Fa and live for the Fa, constantly getting rid of all attachments and desires, crawling from the soil, and washing myself clean. I know this is not easy. “Old notions are all obstacles” (Hong Yin III), Dafa disciples look at things from an opposite angle. The things everyday people may find good are often not good from the perspective of high levels. This is the change of notions. Looking at things using righteous thoughts at every moment requires us to study the Fa well. Studying the Fa and reciting the Fa are something a cultivator should do well. If the mind is not on the Fa while studying the Fa, which means reading the Fa but not understanding what you are reading, then it is meaningless.

Sometimes I felt sleepy while studying the Fa. I realized this was the interference by the demon of sleeping and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the demon. If I feel that the main consciousness is not strong enough while sending forth righteous thoughts, then I do it with eyes open. Sometimes I recite “Lun Yu” and clearly understand what I am reciting. If my main consciousness is not strong, it means this is not my true self. I should deny this by sending righteous thoughts for one hour, two hours or even a whole morning. Sending righteous thoughts made me find and strengthen my main consciousness and eliminate the demon’s interferences, improving the effect of my Fa-study and Fa-reciting. I realized I should hasten my steps on the divine path.

2. Passing the test of sentiment under Master’s protection
One day in November 2011, I was sending righteous thoughts for London Shen Yun shows when my daughter went to a hospital because of schizophrenia due to the pressure of study and life. During the period of medical treatment, many practitioners came to my home to send righteous thoughts and clear the fields. Practitioners informed this to others via the Internet. Many of them sent righteous thoughts for me, made phone calls to me and helped me to look inwards and uplift my Xinxing. Meanwhile, I also increased the strength of sending righteous thoughts and let go of the sentiment, treating my daughter as an ordinary sentient being. After frequently sending forth righteous thoughts and with the help of Master, the field of my home changed. Only five or six days later my daughter recovered and left hospital.

Thank you Master, thank you my fellow practitioners for your righteous thoughts support. During that period, I really felt the wrenching pain while getting ride of the sentiment. Without Master’s protection and fellow practitioners’ support, I can not pass the test on my own, not to mention to pass it so quickly. During the process, I also got ride of some other attachments such as vanity and fear, strengthening my righteous thoughts of believing in Master and believing in the Fa. I told myself that I must be diligent, diligent, and even more diligent on the path of cultivation, using my actions to return with Master and my fellow practitioners.

3. Saving people before catastrophe, racing against the clock
“Saving people before catastrophe, racing against the clock” is from Fulfilling the Vow in Hong Yin III. Telling the truth, quitting the CCP, and saving sentient beings are Dafa disciples’ responsibilities and we should do those tirelessly, racing against the clock. We can save sentient beings wherever we are, in shops, at bus stops or on buses, in restaurants, etc. there are many savable people such as Chinese people you may encounter on the road, people you meet at a wedding ceremony, a dinner party, or other social function. My experience is first to send righteous thoughts to the people you are going to save. We knew that words from our mouths are like lotus flowers; they can achieve the purpose of saving people under our compassionate righteous thoughts.

It is important for us always to look inwards during the process of saving sentient beings. Some people with good enlightenment quality can easily agree to quit the CCP just speaking to them with a few words. However, some people are very hard to deal with. Some were even tough, simply cursing me at first. Once I failed to maintain my character and argued with a person. Afterwards I looked within, and found the attachment of competitiveness and got rid of it. Sometimes I felt happy if more people quitted the CCP via my efforts and felt uncomfortable if less people quitted from the CCP. All of these are human attachments. During these years, I have helped six or seven thousand people quit the CCP, and also got rid of some attachments like competitiveness, showing off, being overjoyed, etc. Actually all of these were done by Master and the righteous Gods in other dimensions, Master just made use of my mouth to tell the truth. With the progress of Fa rectification, more and more people understood the truth. Also evil factors in other dimensions were eliminated a lot and not many are left, therefore it is relatively easy to encourage people to quit the CCP. One day I managed to help 58 people quit the CCP within 3 hours, and one day I successfully helped 40 people quit the CCP within 2 hours.

One day in Chinatown, I saw many people standing in front of a Chinese restaurant; they were part of a wedding ceremony. I made up my mind to save them, I sent righteous thoughts to them starting from 12:00 noon. At 4:00pm when the bride and groom sent off their guests, I walked over with truth materials and DVDs, talked to them about quitting the CCP, and told them to have a wonderful future. The bride and groom were happy to quit the CCP and many of their guests also agreed to quit the CCP. I used pseudonyms to quit the CCP and related organisations for them, about 11 or 12 people in total.

On time while I was waiting for a bus, I encountered 5 or 6 Chinese workers. I sent forth righteous thoughts to them first, and asked Master and righteous Gods in other dimensions to strengthen me, at the end, all of them quit from the CCP very happily and expressed thanks to me. There are many such examples. I often bring truth materials and DVDs with me, telling the truth to people when I get a chance. Master told us at the 2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital: “Cultivation is different for each Dafa disciple. I have said that there are no role models, no examples, and that at most one can draw upon others’ experiences and see how they handled things while having righteous thoughts.” Master said, “Each person is travelling his own path, and each is gaining enlightenment from Dafa as to what will one day be his own Fa.” Master also said that, “In fact, that is the path travelled by millions upon millions, such a great number, of Dafa disciples. The ordeals, xinxing tests, and the rigours of cultivation that you have met with were all part of your walking your own paths and successfully establishing yourselves.”

I only did the part what I should do, everyone is very busy during the Fa rectification period, I can only request myself to try my best to help others, to shoulder the tasks of quitting the CCP at Chinatown. I am persisting to have a group fa-study with other young practitioners everyday after finishing the work of quitting the CCP at Chinatown. After two months, the feeling of tiredness disappeared from my body. I think it is Dafa and Master to removing a human shell for me.

I have put Master’s picture on the wall, it seems Master is watching me every day and telling me: hurry up, go to Chinatown to save people. When I saw Master’s picture smiling at me, it may indicate I did a good job on the day. If I saw Master look at me seriously, I knew I must have attachments, so I need to look within and find out the attachment and get rid of it, then I will feel peaceful. I still have a lot of human attachments and notions, especially the attachment of vanity and saving face. They are manifested more obvious recently, also the attachment of competitiveness. I must study the Fa, study the Fa and study the Fa, look within during the process of saving sentient beings and cultivation, to be a Dafa disciple of cultivating diligently and solidly.

Thank you Master.
Thank you fellow practitioners.

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