Predestined beings are waiting to be saved

Greetings revered Master, greetings fellow practitioners!

I would like to share with you my experience of making truth clarification phone calls to mainland China over the past year!

Expand capacity through truth clarification calls
I have been making calls on the global RTC platform for more than a year. Through this period of time, many attachments were unknowingly let go. For example, the depression after being scolded; the frustration after the phone was hung up; the competitiveness caused by tedious arguments; the sense of failure when the other party refused to quit the CCP, etc. Today, no matter what kind of attitude I encounter, I am able to maintain a peaceful demeanour without paying attention to irrational words or behaviour and to make calls without pursuit. I pay no more attention to the number of people quitting; I only hope to tell people the truth as much as I can.

As attachments were let go and my capacity expanded, my speech manner changed gradually. As I remember when I just started making these calls, I spoke very fast. I wished I could tell them everything I had to say all in one breathe, often overlooking people's feelings. Now, I can communicate in a peaceful, friendly manner, answering questions in an easygoing tone. Sometimes, sentient beings can feel that I really care about them from the bottom of my heart. They tend to listen attentively to the truth and quit the CCP. Some even praised the sound of my voice, which I regard as a kind of encouragement.

Predestined beings are waiting to be saved
As long as we do things with our hearts, Master will arrange for destined beings to answer our calls. In the process of making calls, there have been many touching stories. Here are a few examples.

1. One phone call helped twelve people quit the CCP
Once I rang through to a gentleman, who had already learned the truth and renounced the CCP. During our conversation, he mentioned he had three children. I said: "You are safe, but you should also help your family to be safe. Can you please also pass information on quitting the CCP to your children? I will call you back another day.” He agreed. When I called back the next day, he told me that he had talked to the kids and some of their friends. They had all agreed. I asked how many of them there were. He said twelve. I thought I heard wrong and asked again. He repeated that there were 12 people. This took me by surprise. I asked in passing and did not expect that he had actually earnestly passed the message on to so many people.

In order to be prudent, I asked again whether each person agreed to quit the CCP. He confirmed that they all agreed. So I gave pseudonyms for them one by one. The gentleman wrote them all down on a piece of paper and read them back to me for fear of missing one. Finally, I asked that he must tell them the pseudonyms and ask them to remember them.

After hanging up the phone, I was still in a state of a shock. For over a year on the platform, I had never experienced anything as easy. Usually, during an easy call people would quit in more than a minute. Sometimes I would talk for over 10 minutes, or 40 minutes or even longer without making people understand.

2. A new CCP member agreed to quit after learning the truth
Once a man in Shandong answered the phone. As usual, I first informed him: “Currently more than 100 million Chinese people have quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.” Unexpectedly, the man used foul language and said: “I just joined the Party and you ask me to quit?” I told him to take it easy. It was a predestined relationship that he answered the call. I asked whether he had received similar calls before. He said yes and asked me to hurry up and hang up. I was not moved and continued to urge him that it was good for him to listen. He said again that he was a new member. I said, “I understand. In mainland China, people join the Party for a chance to gt a better position at their workplace. But the quitting I am talking about does not require you to quit at your workplace. It does not affect your promotion or your wages. On the contrary, it will bring blessings and peace for your future.”

He asked how to get a promotion without joining the Party. I said, “I understand your thinking. You think not joining the party will ruin your chances. But as you know the CCP did a lot of bad things. Heaven cannot put up with it now. Good people like us would not benefit from joining the Party. Instead we would suffer by association.” Then I told him about the stone with hidden writing in Zhangbu Township, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province from 270 million years ago, which had even been covered by domestic media. “This means the will of the Heavens. Chinese people believe the Heavens’ will can not be violated. Right now 60,000 to 80,000 people are quitting the CCP each day, and not only ordinary citizens. There are many officials quitting too.”

I continued, “Getting promotions is your blessing, not given by the Party. If you are lucky enough, no one can hold you back.” So I gave him a pseudonym "Wen Xing”, in hopes of a prosperous future. He said OK, and stopped insisting only Party members can be officials. His tone of voice also took a turn for the better. I told him the truth about Falun Gong too.

3. Having learned the truth, a son helped his mum quit the CCP
One day, a fellow practitioner forwarded me a phone number, hoping I could help a youg man break through the internet blockade. I taught him step by step. First, I sent him an e-mail address. But because the user name and password he entered were wrong, he could not access it after a few tries. I then told him about a website, which he finally got onto. He said he wanted to study the suspicious points of the 'Tiananmen Square self-immolation case.' He repeatedly asked me to thank the fellow practitioner who forwarded me his number. The young man said he lived with his mother. I said, “You and your mother depend on each other for survival. You should let your mum know the truth too to guarantee her safety! I will call back another day. You ask your mother what organization she has joined and whether she agrees to quit.” A couple of days later, I called back and helped his mum quit the Young Pioneers. He told me happily: "I saw those suspicious points. I understand now, it is really a setup!"

Using the experience of calling in daily truth clarification
Because I can not see people’s faces when making calls on the platform, at the point the call is answered I must use the most concise language to catch people’s attention. If the conversation becomes too long-winded, the other party may hang up before the subject is broached. Sometimes within a minute or two on the platform, people can be persuaded to quit the CCP and be informed of the truth of Falun Gong.

I found this way of truth clarification very helpful in clarifying the truth in real life. In the past, when clarifying the truth face to face, I often gave up when I saw unfriendly or reluctant expressions. Occasionally, for fear of misunderstanding, I did not dare to talk about Falun Gong along with quitting the CCP. When asked whether I was a Falun Gong practitioner I was at times evasive.

Through making calls on the platform, however, I got rid of all these attachments. Plus I was tempered by the experience of being scolded many times. When clarifying the truth in person, I am no longer easily moved by the other party. I let go of the attachments of being afraid or being misunderstood. Every so often I take the initiative to tell them that I am a Falun Gong practitioner.

I always clarify the truth with a smile. It is critical to have a cordial tone to break the ice. After a few words of pleasantries, I will cut to the chase. Usually I talk directly about the truth of Falun Gong to clear the negative perception in their minds, and then urge them to quit the CCP. Some quit within two or three minutes. For those who love to listen, I expand on the key points. I introduce the websites of NTDTV and other media, encouraging them to learn more. For those who will not listen to me, I tell them that the Tiananmen Square self-immolation was a hoax and that Falun Gong was framed so that these words stick in their mind.

In addition, I made a big breakthrough in clarifying the truth to friends around me. A couple had been harbouring negative thoughts about Dafa without talking to me face to face. For a period of time, they asked me to look after their child before and after school. But because I helped my own child to study the Fa and do the exercises, they were worried that I would influence their child and stopped giving their child to me to look after. (They did not tell me directly. I found out from the child). Since then, I also held negative thoughts towards them, finding it extremely hard to tell them the truth openly.

In January 2012, I ran into the father when our children were playing badminton together. When he saw that I was recommending Shen Yun to other parents, he gave me a strange smile. I felt a bit awkward, but gathered my courage to walk over to him. I greeted him and chatted on the topic of Shen Yun. After about half an hour, he promised to quit the Youth League, which for me was a big breakthrough. Recently, a friend from mainland China called me from another city in England. She came here with her child for a holiday during the summer. I invited her to my house but in the end she could not make it because of a tight time schedule. What shall I do? I had planned to clarify the truth thoroughly when she visited me. How should I do it if she did not come? One day when she called me, I took the opportunity to tell her the news about quitting the CCP over the phone and helped her to quit the Youth League.

Hold great aspirations while minding minor details
I work in a shop and make phone calls when the shop is open. Sometimes clients walk into the shop in the middle of the call. For fear of people hanging up, I ignore the customers and continue talking on the phone. In the beginning I felt that I was doing this for saving people, as it was more important than losing a few customers. After a while I felt something was wrong: would the customers ever come back after being ignored like that? Moreover, the shop’s business had started to decline.

Even though these thoughts have been on my mind, I did not take too much notice. A few days earlier when I was on a call, a customer came and stood in front of the counter. I was still talking on the phone and waved for him to wait. But it so happened that the person on the other end had many questions so I could not hang up. After about 4 minutes, the customer said to me loudly: “It is very impolite to treat a customer like this. I’ve been here a few times and every time you are on the phone. I parked on the yellow line and could be fined.”

I quickly apologized to him, promising things like this would never happen again. He left without a word. Through his complaints I realized the seriousness of the problem. Master asked us to always think of others. But I ignored my customers time and time again without taking into account that they need my help as well. I used doing Dafa work as an excuse and neglected cultivation. This is in fact a kind of selfish behaviour, going to extremes. Upon realizing that, I let go of the fear of the phone being hung up. When clients come into the shop, I tell the person on the phone that I have to take care of something and will call them back a bit later. And after the customers have left, I call back to explain. Often the other person understands. Some even thanked me for my sacrifice.

From the above, I enlightened that there is no small matter on the path of cultivation. We should hold great aspirations while minding minor details. One thing after another that seem insignificant are precisely good opportunities to expose those attachments that are usually difficult to detect. Looking inward immediately and getting rid of them is real improvement.

Thank you Master, thank you fellow practitioners.

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