Falun Dafa in the Himalayan Mountains

A few days before Indian Independence Day, we held a press conference at the Delhi Press Club about the peaceful journey of Falun Gong practitioners in China and the non-violence theme laid down by Mahatma Gandhi. We showed the video clarifying the self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square and the documentary on Human Rights Violations in China. Indian practitioners demonstrated the 5 exercises and shared their experiences. They expressed their regards and gratitude to the European and North American practitioners who came to New Delhi to introduce Falun Dafa last year. On Independence Day, about 200 school students formed the shape of the national flag and demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises to thousands of people. The flag symbolized that Falun Dafa has reached India and the hope that more Indians will benefit from Falun Dafa.

To help spread Falun Dafa to all predestined people, practitioners started the journey to the Himalayas. At over 3500 meters above sea level, we got in touch with many pure and kind people, including Tibetans, Indians, Mongolians, and the Aryan race. The Aryan race people and the Caucasians look identical in a black and white photo. We introduced Falun Dafa, briefed the current situation of practitioners and the peaceful journey in China in a live broadcast interview at a local radio station. In the evening we showed the Human Rights Violation documentary and the Road to Pure Origin and True Self movie outside a restaurant. The audience was moved by the courage of the practitioners in China during the brutal persecution and the suppression of religious freedom. They were almost in tears during the footage of the Freedom Song.

The second day, we tracked the bare and steep slope of the mountain. We were exhausted, thirsty and felt very hot. I could relate to the hardship of the monk in the Tang dynasty who went to India to obtain the Buddhist sutras to back to China. A Tibetan practitioner took me to a temple where the future Buddha statue was located. He told me that in his young days he always came to this statue to pray for learning the Great Law with the future Buddha. The practitioner’s dream came true last year when the European and North American practitioners showed the 9-day video lectures.

At the peak of the mountain, I visited the Royal Palace of Ladakh. There were magnificent statues of Buddha Sakyamuni and the thousand-hand Compassionate Boddhisatva. I picked up a book called ”An Ethnography of The Buddhist Dards of Ladakh” which gave a lot details about the Daradas and the classical Greek relationship. We continued our journey to another mountain where a famous Tibetan temple is located at the peak. I left some Dafa Tibetan LunYu (introductory statement) and introductory brochures for the monk at the temple. I ran into a tourist from Germany on his 16th trip to this region for meditation. How many people like this German tourist are still searching for the path towards original true self and enlightenment?! -
The German tourist told us about the cultural festival which he just attended. We took it as a hint that we should go there immediately. This is the Ladakhi Women’s Alliance’ monthly gathering. They cooked local food, sold snacks, ornaments, bags and clothes. They also demonstrated how to dye clothes with herbs. Some even danced and played the musical instruments. We requested for permission to demonstrate Falun Gong on the spot. I showed the 5 exercises to a group of 200 people. Afterwards I fine-tuned the exercise movements of some children and women. Some European tourists inquired about Dafa. Although they heard about it in the media before, this was their first encounter of Falun Gong practitioners and the exercises. This miraculous arrangement let the women who rarely left their households and the tourists who travelled thousands of miles to get in touch with Dafa.

We met some Mongolians, some Tibetans, some Indians, and some Dards. Among those we met, some had great predestined relationship with Dafa. Several people grouped around and started reading Zhuan Falun right away. These people live at the highest and driest place of the world and are pretty much isolated from the moral decline and pollutions in the outside world. Their kindness, hospitality and personality impressed me. We located the villages of the pure Aryan race but Chinese and Taiwan passport holders were not permitted to enter the restricted area. May be there is a chance for the Europeans to get in touch with their ancient relatives.

On the third day, we visited a Tibetan refugee camp. They experienced persecution by the Chinese government as well. We showed the Human Rights Violation documentary and the Road to Pure Origin and True Self movie. We called for the freedom of belief and the end to the persecution in China. In a recent trip Nepal, I also met many Tibetans. We reprinted the materials many times but still ran out of brochures. Many Tibetans were reading the Lunyu and the introductory brochure.

Upon arriving home, I read the Essentials for Further Advancement (advanced book of Falun Dafa) and the page I randomly turned to was about “In fact, in the remote ages before the Noah’s flood, Buddha was also worshipped. At the time of the Flood, some people of ancient Greek ancestry living in western Asia and the region to the southwest of the Himalayas survived. They were then called “Brahman,” and they became today’s white Indians.”

A Falun Dafa Practitioner from Singapore

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