Irish Practitioner Tells Taiwan Mayor About Horrific Persecution he Suffered in China

When Zhao Ming, who graduated from China's prestigious Qinghua University and is now a student at Trinity college in Dublin, Ireland, went to Taiwan, he met Ma Ying-jeou, the Mayor of Taipei - Taiwan's capital. Zhao Ming exposed the brutal persecution he suffered in China after he returned home for Christmas in 1999. He was imprisoned in a labour camp for two years and suffered unimaginable torture because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. Ming hoped his experiences could enable high-ranking officials in Taiwan to learn more about the persecution happening nearby in Mainland China.

Zhao Ming (left) and Mayor Ma

After exchanging brief greetings, Professor Ming Chu-cheng introduced Zhao Ming, who briefly recounted the persecution he suffered in Mainland China. Mayor Ma asked him about the conditions inside forced labour camps and Zhao Ming explained brutal torture methods adopted in detail. Though Mayor Ma had read about the persecution of Zhao Ming before, he was still shocked after listening to Ming's experiences. Mayor Ma continued asking questions, about matters such as brainwashing methods in labour camps and how police officers used illegal and inhuman means against Falun Gong practitioners. The meeting was due to last between five and ten minutes as Mayor Ma was scheduled to fly to another city. However, Mayor Ma continued talking with Zhao Ming until he had been reminded of the time on several occasions by other officials. Before leaving, Mayor Ma shook hands with practitioners and welcomed Zhao Ming to Taipei.

Dafa practitioners from Qinghua University presented Mayor Ma with related documents and materials about the rescue of Qinghua University students in China.

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