The “Good Fortune” of Dafa Practitioners

“Good fortune” is something that human beings pursue but something that cannot be obtained by pursuit. For everyday people. “Good fortune,”means money, fame, and sentiment. It is taken as personal enjoyment and material possessions.

However, “good fortune”for Dafa practitioners is different from that for everyday people. The “good fortune”for Dafa practitioners is closely related to the Fa-rectification. It is created and prepared for today’s Fa-rectification.

“It’s not that because I’ve borne [karma] for you I’ll want something from you. Everything is mine, and I need nothing.” (Master Li’s Lecture at the Assistants’ Fa Conference in Changchun)

Actually, the “good fortune” of Dafa practitioners is all from the great bestowal of our Master. It absolutely does not come from our own capability. It is because we are assisting Master in the Fa-rectification today that we are given the appropriate “good fortune.”

To use everyday people’s concepts, the “good fortune”of Dafa practitioners can never be taken as “private property”. It is the blessing from Dafa. Since it is the blessing from Dafa, we should not emphasize the divisions of “yours”or “mine.” It belongs entirely to Dafa.
Our great Master lives an extremely poor and virtuous life, but gives the “good fortune” to practitioners. It is not for the purpose of emphasizing the role of any individual practitioner, but for practitioners to really form an indestructible whole body in the difficult time of the Fa-rectification in order to eliminate evil, save sentient beings and assist Master.

Here we certainly don’t have the concepts such as this is my business, that is yours, or another is his. The concerns of Dafa are the concerns of every individual practitioner, and are also the concerns of all Dafa practitioners sharing together. The course of every Dafa practitioner’s participation in the Fa-rectification is the concern of Dafa. There is no divisions of your things, his, or mine. Whatever is beneficial to Dafa, we should do it on our own initiative.

Eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings are the concerns of Dafa practitioners as a whole, not merely an individual concern or issue. It is just that in them the consummation of individual Dafa practitioners is manifested.

The sacredness and magnificence of the meaning of the Fa-rectification cannot be expressed in language. The significance of Dafa practitioners’ forming an indestructible whole body is important in the Fa-rectification. The evil has ordered to bankrupt Dafa practitioners financially, defeat us spiritually, and destroy us physically. Therefore, Dafa practitioners should financially and spiritually form an indestructible whole body as indestructible as a diamond. Physically, we should, hand in hand and shoulder by shoulder, support each other, and diligently advance together.

Since we are as one body, we should be as one body in all aspects. We should not be as one body in one aspect, but not in another aspect.

All arrangements of Dafa are prepared for today’s Fa-rectification, and for Dafa practitioners to form an indestructible whole body. Only with Dafa practitioners forming an indestructible whole body can we break the old forces thoroughly and fundamentally. “Dafa practitioners are a one body” are not only some words, but a Fa principle.

However, using Dafa practitioners’ “good fortune” for the sake of Dafa is not like the concept of investment among everyday people, that is, one should earn as much as the money and efforts that he has invested. Impure hearts and unrighteous thoughts mean that one essentially gets nothing but empty fame. What originally belongs to Dafa should be returned to Dafa. How much one receives must absolutely be in portion to how righteous one’s thoughts are.

From Teacher Li’s Fa lectures, we have already come to understand that whatever we do is in fact totally done for ourselves. However, think about it again. Is it because we do it for ourselves, that we take extra efforts to do it, and so we care nothing for the money and efforts we spend on it? If Teacher Li has not told us that everything is done for our own sake, will we still take so much effort to do it, and still care little of the money and efforts we spend for it as for ourselves? We really should carefully reflect over our thoughts, because all beings in the cosmos are watching Dafa practitioners’every thought. We should be pure and righteous.

Our great Master has born everything for us and given us everything without requiring us to return anything back. Then, can we also be the lives that give everything for all sentient beings and for Dafa without asking for anything?
Let the “good fortune”that Dafa bestows upon us really take a full and pure effect. It belongs to Dafa. It is the blessing from Dafa. It is given to us not merely for the sake of any individual’s achievement or just for the consummation of any individual practitioners.

The “good fortune” that really belongs to Dafa practitioners is created in the course of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification. A more precise name for it is “mighty virtue.”In fact, it is also originated from Dafa. It is still the blessing from Dafa.

Everything in the universe is made by Dafa. Then, what is mine? And which is yours or his? All belong to Dafa. All are given by Dafa.

Above are my personal understandings. As compassionate fellow practitioners, please point out and correct what is inappropriate.

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