A Public Letter from the British Branch of the Global Coalition Against Article 23 to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK

Mr. Ambassador:

Today, the British Branch Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation staged a rally in London to strongly protest against Jiang’s regime’s manipulation of the Hong Kong government to enact the anti-subversion law. Jiang’s regime openly violates the “one country, two systems” agreement between Britain and China on Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty. Under the agreement, HK was guaranteed a high degree of autonomy for 50 years. We demand Jiang’s regime to promptly stop pressuring the SAR Government to enact Article 23. Besides, we urge Jiang’s regime to promptly stop the persecution of its innocent and kind citizens.

On December 16th 2002, sixty thousand Hong Kong people participated in one of the territory’s biggest marches. At first, it was estimated that only 5,000 people would participate in the march. This impressive march reflected people’s anxiety over Article 23. Those conscientious Chinese who witnessed HK prosperity, democracy and freedom before its return to Chinese sovereignty feel bitter about the situation in HK. It has just been five years since its return to Chinese sovereignty. However, HK has changed radically. Freedom of expression is the first to be jeopardized. The independent voice of the HK media to criticize totalitarianism has almost been silenced. In addition, the SAR Government’s ignorance of public opinion of Article 23 illustrates that the territory’s democracy is on the decline.

HK high-ranking officials and their head Anson Chan, the former Chief Secretary for Administration, have been opposed to Article 23. Anson Chan once expressed his unwillingness to talk about politics after his resignation. Being honoured and named as the “Conscience of HK,” Anson Chan broke his silence to speak out against Article 23, which shows the seriousness of the whole event. In fact, many people understand that Article 23 legislation is China’s first step to crack down on dissidents and outlawed groups in HK. An appropriate saying by Confucius, “A great man is completely at ease; a petty man is always on edge.” Immigrant Chinese who had suffered from political persecution are familiar with Jiang’s dirty tricks. From the political viewpoint, the SAR Government’s enactment of Article 23 shows Jiang’s regime’s tendency to completely control HK. From the viewpoint of human rights, Article 23 is a major step to curtail the human rights of HK people. None of this can be accepted by overseas Chinese who really love the democracy and freedoms in HK.

Jiang’s regime has been inflicting state terrorism on its own people, brutally cracking down on innocent citizens and eliminating dissidents. The innocent citizens under the persecution include:

  • The working class and farmers who ask to improve their poverty,

  • Young students who are worried about the future of their country and people,

  • Democracy activists who are not satisfied with totalitarianism,

  • And Falun Gong practitioners who believe in “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

The Chinese leader, Jiang Zemin has flouted his country’s laws. He is pursuing power and interest, fooling his own subjects, ganging together for illegal activities and cracking down on dissidents. Consequently, the party and social morality is on the decline and social problems and crimes are rampant. All of the officials are depriving citizens of possessions, society generally is corrupt, and citizens are tired of complaining and anxious about the future. Jiang spent public money buying his personal plane and made his son an official and a businessman to steal the state’s wealth in cunning ways that appear to be ‘legal’. Jiang advocates the reunion of Taiwan and China, but in private he sold out to Russia a territory 110 times larger than Taiwan. His general behaviors have made him the enemy of his own people. Furthermore, Jiang was charged with Genocide outside China.

Human history had already proved: time is always the touchstone of truth. No matter how many dynasties or heroes there are in history, it is only wise emperors and virtuous subjects that are praised by future generations. On the other hand, the betrayers that bring calamity to the country as well as cunning and unrighteous persons will be despised by sentient beings. Though Jiang still holds the presidential office the crimes he has committed are catching up with him. Since the 16th Party Congress, his evildoing has exposed his inner weakness, though he still appears tough. No evildoer can ever escape from the net of the law. The righteous judge will rely on conscience. As a result, each of the Chinese officials, Mr. Ambassador included, should have their conscience aroused and examined. Whether it is the Article 23 legislation in HK or the persecution of the kind citizens in China, you have already muffled your conscience. There is an old Chinese saying, “Though in a dark room, Gods’ vision is as sharp as lightning.” I hope that you can regard this old saying as a warning and do try to be a good person.

Promptly stop Article 23 legislation in HK.

Promptly stop the persecution of kind and innocent citizens in China.

Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation British Branch
February 8th, 2003

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