Please Help Them!

January 25th 2003

I do not know if I will have another chance to access this website as authorities are trying to block the network.

My own experience taught me that all Falun Dafa practitioners are very good people. I got the chance to know them whilst I was been detained in a detention centre. They are all very righteous and I admire them very much.

Some practitioners I know are still being detained, and are still suffering. One of them was illegally sentenced to four years in prison. He received a very good education and is truly a kind person. I cannot control my tears when I think of his situation. The conditions are very harsh at the detention centre. The practitioners are all innocent people and have been treated unjustly and there is absolutely no reason to detain them.

The cell I was in was a transition cell. All new inmates have to stay there for a while. They need to learn the prison rules and recite them, and learn how to do the work. After this, they are assigned to different cells to work. The conditions in those cells are very harsh. One can have only two very poor meals per day. There are many Falun Dafa practitioners who stay there. All they want is simply to be good people.

Practitioners are withstanding the suffering silently. Please help them! Once they are detained, every one is inevitably sentenced to the forced labour camp or prison. Just for distributing flyers, they get sentences of one, two, or three years in a forced labour camp. It is a much harsher punishment than criminals receive.

One difference between practitioners and criminals is that practitioners are abused not only physically but also mentally. There is additional pressure from the head of inmates in each cell. There is only one practitioner assigned to each cell. When too many practitioners arrive, they are transferred to another place and sentenced immediately. It is commonplace that they are force-fed if they carry out hunger strikes, and are beaten if they cannot finish the heavy workload. So please help to rescue them.

The mental torture imposed on them is even more severe than the physical torture. Their term cannot be reduced. Please help to rescue them.

I stepped forward because I also want to cultivate and become a Falun Dafa practitioner. Although I cannot be counted as one right now, I respect and admire them from the bottom of my heart. I firmly believe in Falun Dafa. Therefore, at least I can learn how to be a good person by learning Falun Dafa.

There is much more that I want to tell everyone. In the future, I will write in more detail if I have access to the network. Please believe me that everything I write is true. All kind-hearted people, please help them!

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