Germany: The Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Berlin Apologises to Falun Gong Practitioners for Over-reacting in April 2002

When Jiang Zemin visited Berlin, from April 8 to 11 2002, the German police over-reacted and forced Falun Gong practitioners away from certain areas, searched through their belongings, and confiscated their yellow T-shirts. Since then, Falun Gong practitioners have been to visit relevant state and federal departments to reveal the truth about Jiang and his wicked regime so as to prevent practitioners’ basic rights from being undermined whenever other high-level government officials from China visit Germany.

We found our conversation with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Berlin to be very honest and sincere. At the same time, we also talked about the subject of the persecution of Falun Gong in Mainland China.

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Berlin investigated our complaints against the police. In a document from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Berlin dated December 20 2002, it was stated that, “the action of the police was basically appropriate; however, it’s likely that they over-reacted in certain details, such as officially forcing people away from certain areas, and having their belongings checked. The Chief Officer of the Police Station and the Ministry of Domestic Affairs express our sincere apology for what happened. From now on, the police will pay special attention, even those on special duties for State visits; and we will pay close attention to ensure no over-reacting takes place, in particular when Falun Gong practitioners are exercising their legal rights.”

In a reply to the Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Berlin, practitioners stated, “We are thankful that you sincerely listened to us…though we do not agree with some of the specific descriptions of the events described by the Chief Officer of the Police Station together with his colleagues, we pay more attention to your apology and commitment than to those specific descriptions in detail.”

The Criminal Division of the Federal Ministry of Domestic Affairs stated on October 24 2002, “…We can basically affirm that the gathering and parade arranged by Falun Gong practitioners during the State visit was peaceful and caused no disturbance…”

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