Fascist-Style Brainwashing Centre in the Capital of Hebei Province

Recently, in order to take credit for other's merit and get rewarded, the brainwashing centre in the capital of Hebei Province, which is euphemistically known as "The Legal System Education and Training Centre," asked a work unit to provide a silk banner for use as an award and played a shameless scam. Corrupt officials in the centre also used the opportunity to accumulate wealth by illegal means. Each practitioner abducted had to pay 1,000 Yuan [An urban worker's average monthly income is about 500 Yuan] as a so-called "deposit." If forced-feeding occurred once, the "deposit" would not be refunded. Each practitioner's total monthly cost was 3,000 Yuan. They would be tortured for three months, so including the "deposit," the total amount extorted from them was the outrageous figure of 10,000 Yuan. For example, after practitioner Qiu Liying was sent to the brainwashing centre, the corrupt officials demanded 13,000 Yuan from her work unit.

The following are the astonishing atrocities committed by officials in the brainwashing centre:

1. Ms Zhang Yun, a 48 years old practitioner, was a police officer in Luquan Prison of Hebei Province. In April 2001 she was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labour for upholding her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. During the period of forced labour, she refused to attend the brainwashing sessions and was transferred from Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp to Kaiping Forced Labour Camp in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, where she was the victim of all kinds of torture. After her term expired, she was not set free and was still unfairly detained in the labour camp receiving continuous persecution. Four months ago, she was sent to the Luquan Brainwashing Centre and was then transferred to the Brainwashing Centre in the Capital of Hebei Province. In this brainwashing centre, the vicious people adopted a tactic of continuous torture around the clock, once for 7 consecutive days, once for 5 days and another for 4 days. One day Ms. Zhang was so exhausted that she fell on the floor and broke her teeth; she was bleeding all over. More viciously, because she refused to accept the brainwashing, they force-fed her with alcohol and forced her to step on a photo of Teacher Li. Ms. Zhang is even now being detained in this brainwashing centre and has no personal freedom.

Phone Numbers:

Luquan Prison of Hebei Province:
Operator: 86-311-2012522
Office: 86-311-2015165

2. Qiu Liying, a female practitioner, and former employee of the Shijiazhuang Refinery Plant, was among the first practitioners illegally sent to forced labour education. During the forced labour education period, she refused to be persecuted and brainwashed. Along with practitioner Bai Yuzhi and others, she was transferred from Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp to Tangshang City Kaiping Forced Labour Camp where she was the victim of excruciating torture.

Since her case was exposed on a Dafa website, the world was shocked, and she has not been heard from since. Not until now was it known that after her forced labour term had expired, since she was still firmly practising Falun Gong and had not yielded to the evildoers, her forced labour term had been illegally extended for another three months. However, she still firmly practised Dafa and was sent to the brainwashing centre in the capital of Hebei Province where she was again, brutally tortured. We hope people around the world pay attention to her case.

Shijiazhuang Refinery Plant Office phone numbers are:
Director's office: 86-311-5161126
Deputy Director's Office: 86-311-5162296
Deputy Secretary of Discipline Committee and Supervise Department: 86-311-5162486
Deputy Director General's Office: 86-311-5161171
Section Chief of Public Security's office: 86-311-5162298
Secretary's Office: 86-311-5162727
General Office: 86-311-5161224.

3. Dafa practitioner Yue Yang was a well-known and good employee in his work unit. In November of 2002, he was charged with a fabricated crime and abducted by the vicious police and illegally detained in Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre for one month. Even though he had been victimised with all kinds of torture in the police station and at the detention centre, he still firmly upheld his belief in Dafa and kept up his practice. In January 2003, he was taken from the detention centre to the brainwashing centre in the capital of Hebei Province. This was the third time that he had been detained and tortured at the brainwashing centre. Mr. Yue is still practising Dafa and validating Dafa with his actions. Yue Yang's wife is about to give birth to his child; however, she is all alone with nobody to take care of her. We hope righteous people give them some help.

4. Dafa practitioner Ms Feng Yi, age 28, was a teacher with the Department of Economics of Hebei University of Economy and Trade. She was forced to leave home to avoid the brutal persecution. She was however abducted and brought to the Yuhua Police Station of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province in May 2002. She was soon sent to the brainwashing centre in the capital of Hebei Province where she received brutal mental and physical persecution. This has been going on for a total of over 8 months. The authorities at her former work unit, Hebei University, refused to help her get out of there saying that Feng Yi has a "poor understanding" (of the government's policy). They left Feng Yi in the brainwashing centre to receive further persecution. We are calling upon the authorities at the university to make a clear distinction between right and wrong and return Feng Yi to freedom.

Phone numbers:

Li Jun, Deputy Chief of Yuhua Public Security Sub-Bureau in Shijiazhuang City, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: 86-311-6122610 (office), 86-311-3659948 (home)
Yu Rengang, Head of Hebei University of Economy and Trade: 86-311-7655598 (office)
University Communist Party Secretary: 86-311-7655960
University office of the Communist Party: 86-311-7655595
Liu Cuize, the Communist Party Secretary for Department of Economics in Hebei University of Economy and Trade, 86-311-7765946
Office of the Head of the Department of Economics: 86-311-7765945


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