UK: Righteous Thoughts and Actions at a Chinese New Year Party in York

To celebrate the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Ram - Chinese students attended an evening of music and dance at York University in England. Falun Dafa practitioners from Scotland and England also attended the performance in order to give Chinese students the opportunity to learn about the real situation of Falun Gong and to expose to them the slanderous nature of all the media reports on Falun Gong in China.

Since there has been a blanket covering the truth about the practice and the ill treatment of practitioners, many Chinese have been duped into believing that Falun Gong harms people, and they have also in the past even been afraid to take materials that show the facts of the persecution and the benefits gained from practising Dafa.

However times are changing and this was evident on this New Year's evening. Some Chinese practitioners sat inside the auditorium sending forth righteous thoughts [thinking upright thoughts to purify one’s environment] while the performance was going on, and some Western practitioners stood outside. When the audience emerged and came out of the doors, the practitioners gave each person a truth-clarification Video-CD. Every single Chinese person eagerly took a VCD, and even if someone had not received one they came over and asked for a copy. Most people just happily accepted a VCD without question. One young Chinese man asked, "Hey, what is it?" The practitioner replied, "It's the truth about Falun Gong". The Chinese man just said, "OK" and left.

100 VCDs were given out in the space of a few minutes. The power and majesty of Dafa shone through in this successful event.

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